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Internships and trainee programs

Choosing your first job is one of the most important decisions ahead of you. A perfect fit between a job and your own skills and talent will benefit the company and ensure that you will enjoy your work.

You can advance your career with Wärtsilä before you graduate by participating in the internship programme or completing your thesis. You will be around the most recent technology. The experience will help you to link your academic studies with your future career goals.

Wärtsilä offers students various opportunities to work as a trainee or to do their internship at one of Wärtsilä's locations in more than 80 countries. If you have any questions about these issues or about something else, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can fill in your open application here.

Internships and Final Thesis
Students in technical, business and legal study fields are offered internships and final thesis at Wärtsilä. Please contact your local Wärtsilä unit to receive more information about summer jobs, practical trainings, local trainee programs and internships.

Trainee programs at Wärtsilä
Wärtsilä offers both local and global trainee programs for students. More information about local trainee programs can be found from our local Wärtsilä careers sites. Please contact your local Wärtsilä unit to receive more information about local trainee programs, possible summer jobs, practical trainings and internships. There are no trainee programs available at the moment.

Open positions for students & graduates
Through our careers portal, in addition to the entry level positions visible in the open positions feed, you can also find currently available positions specifically aimed for students & graduates under an own section called Students & Graduates.