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At the ripe age of 185 years, we can hardly call ourselves a start-up, but we are proud to be shaping the future of energy. Today, the world is changing faster than ever before, with renewable energy sources fundamentally changing the way we generate and consume electricity. At Wärtsilä, with our innovative energy solutions, we are leading the way towards a greener, sustainable world.

We want your skills, dedication and thirst for adventure to make the change happen.

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Wärtsilä EnergyTalent programme is a versatile energy experience during which your work will be supported by colleagues, team leaders and business leaders. Your journey will be the result of a closely collaborative effort, combining supportive network, professional and technical training, mentoring and development opportunities. Wärtsilä EnergyTalent will give your career the best foundation to grow and become an expert in the global energy industry.


Choose your journey

We have operations in countries all around the world and diversity is part of our DNA: although your journey will begin in Helsinki, we expect you to be excited about a career abroad supporting our journey towards 100% renewable energy.

Although you will be taught everything you need to know to succeed on the job, there are a few factors which we will be looking for in an ideal candidate. You have excellent analytical skills, willingness to learn and you are a team player with a proactive mindset. You have graduated less than 12 months ago. Interest in energy markets and ability to model and to find solutions to complex problems are a definite hooray!

The bosses are nice. Colleagues are gold. Salary is competitive. Contract is permanent.

Want to make an impact on people’s lives and enable sustainable societies? You have knocked at the right door. Embark now.


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