Joni, Project Engineer, Finland

Joni Meet Our People
Started in Wärtsilä: In 2011 as a Civil Supervisor Trainee
Position now: Project Engineer, Civil
Country of Residence: Finland
Nationality: Finnish
Education: B.Sc – Civil Engineering

What is your typical day like?
“Lately, I have been mostly supporting chief engineers and tried to learn new things as quickly as possible. Different kinds of tutoring sessions as well as trainings also take a part of my day. A regular day at work would be hard to describe as they all tend to be totally different. Pretty much the thing that stays the same is that I start working around 8 o’clock in the morning and the rest varies quite a lot.”

How did you start working at Wärtsilä?
“I was still studying Civil Engineering at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences when I was offered a position as a supervisor trainee at Wärtsilä in a power plant site in Cape Verde, off the coast of Africa. For someone who had always been interested in working abroad and with industrial projects, it was not a hard decision to make. I moved there for four months and it turned out to be the best professional experience for me so far.”

What kind of opportunities does Wärtsilä provide for a civil engineer?
“Most people assume that Wärtsilä is all about mechanical, electrical or automation engineering but I feel that there are several opportunities also for civil engineers. Personally, my goal is to take responsibility of a power plants project’s civil part and handle it all by myself.“

How are you able to use your prior experience in your current job?
“I feel I have a good background for working as a project civil engineer. Before joining Wärtsilä, I had worked as a builder and also as a supervisor while gaining some experience in industrial projects. I think these positions were a good way to learn about the civil process. Being still young, I am eager to learn, to take more responsibility and want to have a better understanding and knowledge of all things associated with Power Plants projects.”

How would describe Wärtsilä from a student perspective?
“Generally, I feel that graduates and young professionals are well valued and given a lot of responsibility at Wärtsilä. The large amount of support available combined with the wide scope of engineering and internationality makes it easy for me to recommend Wärtsilä as an employer.”

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