Irina, Quality Manager, Lithuania

Irina Meet Our People
Started in Wärtsilä: In 2006 as an Office Administrator
Position now: Quality Manager
Country of Residence: Lithuania
Nationality: Lithuanian
Education: Master of Social Science

What is your typical day like?
“In my current position my task is to harmonize the quality management systems. I describe the processes in the procedures or work instructions to achieve quality or regulatory compliance. I also perform internal audits to determine conformity. Quarterly, I prepare QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) reports and management reviews. Sometimes I also participate in the risk assessment.”

How did you get started at Wärtsilä?
“My career at Wärtsilä started as my former employer, the Western Ship Repair Yard, was acquired by the corporation in 2006. Back then I worked as an Office Administrator and saw lots of opportunities in joining a big international company. It wasn’t long before I was promoted as a Quality Engineer, later that same year.“

How has your job evolved since?
“In 2011 I became a Quality Manager for both Lithuania and Estonia, two Wärtsilä companies which are planned to be merged in the near future. My main responsibility is to ensure quality in both companies and their activities. As part of that I’m involved in implementation of several internal projects with the aim of e.g. promoting occupational safety or sustainability, avoiding nonconformities or building new quality systems. I feel this is a very challenging position. Target orientation and problem solving skills are essential. I’m happy to work for Wärtsilä because here I can be myself, use my knowledge and develop my skills.“

What do you feel are the strengths of Wärtsilä as an employer?
“The people are kind and friendly and communication is open. There are a lot of opportunities at Wärtsilä nowadays and I see myself growing with the company. Wärtsilä in the Baltic is now very much different from the company I first joined. I feel we’re on a solid path of development and we have very clear goals and that’s one of the reasons why I was especially excited in rejoining the company after my maternity leave in 2010. I felt I joined a different company.“

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