Edison, Area Contract Manager, Colombia

Edison Meet Our People
Started in Wärtsilä: In July 1998 as an Operator for Power Plant Cemex
Position now: Services Manager
Country of Residence: Colombia
Nationality: Colombian
Education: Engineer Electrical and Mechanical

What is your typical day like?
“I go through all of our operations and maintenance contracts and see which are the most relevant issues that need attention today, planned or unplanned. We might have to move some resources or do something else to make sure the projects stay on track. When I’ve taken care of all things that cannot be postponed, I work on financial, technical and employee issues.”

How did you start to work at Wärtsilä?
“I used to work in a cement company in Colombia which then bought a gas power plant. When I first saw the engines, I was very impressed by their size and I got interested in the company that built them. I decided to apply for a job at Wärtsilä the next day and on that same day I got it, in the middle of commissioning of the power plant.”

How has your job evolved since you started here?
“Since then my career has been amazing. During my 14 years at Wärtsilä I have been an Operator, Supervisor, Advisor, Planner, Plant Manager, Contract Manager and finally an Area Contract Manager. I have met and worked with dozens of people in more than ten different countries and I think that has been the most satisfying part of my job. In contract management people are the key to success. In my experience the challenge is mostly about getting people on the same page, and only little about the actual execution. Skilled people are a necessity, but motivation is crucial.”

What do you think you’ve learned over the years?
“The fact that I’ve worked in several different power plants around the Americas has helped me to understand the business from all its aspects. In the process, I have created a chain of contacts. If I don’t know something, I surely know someone who does.”

How do you see your future at Wärtsilä?
“Currently, I am running a team spread in two countries, Ecuador and Colombia. Going forward, I want to develop myself as a leader so I can develop the business in my area with my team. At Wärtsilä I feel I have all the tools I need to reach that goal. It makes me proud to work for a well recognised global corporation. The environmental side also matters: I value the fact that Wärtsilä has developed several technologies to reduce emissions.”

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