Wärtsilä Dubai Digital Expertise Centre

Dubai Expertise Centre

Wärtsilä  Dubai Expertise Centre is the first Expertise Centre in our Contract Management organization. The organization shall support different customer types and businesses. It shall be cost effective, flexible, fast responsive, cope with changes, trouble free operation. Dubai Expertise Centre built on firm centralized functions and flexible management.

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We shape the future together with our customers. Our vision is to strengthen our ability to support our customers by providing Efficient, Flexible, Reliable, Sustainable & Digitally enabled - Smart solutions which will enable our business purpose, growth, profitability and that reflects our transformation in to “Expertise Centre of Excellence”.

Keeping in mind Customer First – Wärtsilä Dubai Expertise Centre always explore “What is the value for our customers?” Higher efficiency & reliability, lower fuel consumption, redundancy means loss of business avoidance are the key factor which can add value to customer business.

Wärtsilä Dubai Expertise Centre secure expert competence, efficiency, high quality support, fast reaction, first time right, which ensure customer business value addition & lead to customer satisfaction.

41 Installation Marine & Land base around 1640MW in Middle East & Asia are supported by Wärtsilä Dubai Expertise Centre.

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Our vision transforms into mission by ensuring End to End lifecycle support for our customer.

Wärtsilä Dubai Expertise Centre has high level maintenance planning & technical support, structured process & system support ensuring 100% contract renewal for several years in this area. Even critical war zone countries like Iraq, Syria & Yemen installations were supported by the Expertise centre in collaboration with customers. 24/7 remote operational & advisory support with latest augmented based tools built up customer’s confidence and trust on Wärtsilä during customer's critical time. Customer installations can be remotely monitored by the centre & create a holistic view of customer’s installation to provide expert technical advisory and data analysis services. The real-time monitoring brings continuous optimization and enable the making of knowledge-based, predictive decisions to ensure customer installation’s reliability and efficiency whenever, wherever.

The energy markets are in transition as renewables are changing energy systems. Wärtsilä envisions a 100% renewable energy. Looking future opportunities in Smart Energy & Smart Marine - Wärtsilä Dubai Expertise centre is in a very important strategic location & plays a vital role in Wärtsilä business. 

Wärtsilä Dubai Expertise centre constantly strive on operational excellence on their day to day activity by ensuring what is value for customer – get rid of waste, ensuring demand driven flow- pull don’t push, do first time right by ensuring highest level of quality and more importantly ensuring 100% transparency – making it visual.

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24/7 mobile number: +971 50 550 8402
Email: WAEservicesales@wartsila.com

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