Wärtsilä Experience Centre
Showcasing the World of Smart Technology
The Wärtsilä Experience Centre showcases how Wärtsilä's smart technology and innovative solutions work in real life. Our guests will have a memorable experience of the positive impact we create to customers and society.
Wärtsilä is about connectivity for life-cycle value.”

Wärtsilä has opened two Experience Centres in Finland during 2018: The first situated in Powergate II Vaasa and the flagship in the new Wärtsilä Helsinki Campus in Salmisaari. 

The Experience Centres are used for engaging events with our customers, personnel, media and other stakeholders. Connecting the Centres remotely with other Wärtsilä locations enables a global reach. 

The Centres are inspiring and visually impressive spaces that bring data and insights into life. This is done by building a strong audio-visual experience for the visitors by using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and large surround screens. 
"Today Wärtsilä is a true technology leader in its markets, and we are committed to using our know-how for enabling sustainable societies. The Wärtsilä Experience Centres are designed to inspire visitors by displaying our operations and company culture. We are enthusiastic to welcome our guests and key stakeholders and to deepen their relationship with Wärtsilä ," says Atte Palomäki, EVP Communications and Branding.

We are enabling sustainable societies with smart technology.”

Helsinki Campus Experience Centre 

Wärtsilä Experience Centre is an impressive exhibition room of 250 square metres located in the first floor of our Helsinki Campus in conjunction with the reception. We welcome all our guests to step into this inviting space for a journey to Wärtsilä’s smart technology offering and the state-of-the-art solutions and products we provide. The virtual reality enables, for example, visiting a power station or a cruise ship, and the real-time remote control of engines can be observed through an interactive presentation.

The most prominent feature in the Helsinki Experience Centre is the ‘Nest’, an immersive thruster-shaped, supersized barrel in the middle of the space featuring a 360-degree multimedia to showcase the Wärtsilä smart technologies and our offering. There’s also, for example, a ten-metre curved immersive video screen for full-impact imagery. Virtual Reality will take you to a power plant visit and interaction brings remote controlling of engines right in the front of your eyes.

In Helsinki, we can host a mix of very different guests from student groups to partners, investors and customers. The Centre caters both casual visitors and hosted customer meetings with two different areas. The visitor lounge is a self-service area where guests can visit and learn about Wärtsilä today. Part of the visitor lounge can be isolated for in-depth deep-dives, demos and discussions with a customer group.

You are welcome to visit the Helsinki Campus Experience Centre together with your Wärtsilä host. 

Visiting address: 
Hiililaiturinkuja 2 
00180 Helsinki


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    Vaasa Experience Centre

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    Vaasa Experience Centre

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    Vaasa Experience Centre

The state-of-the-art Experience Centre in Vaasa has been built to showcase our Condition Based Maintenance, CBM services. Adjacent to the Experience Centre, we have also built a real CBM centre, where our visitors can experience the technology first hand. Our guest will get to experience the digital transformation and our cutting edge smart technology with concrete examples. Remote monitoring enables for example real-time connection to a cruise vessel using Wärtsilä technology and sailing in the Caribbean.

Wärtsilä can be considered a frontrunner in digitalisation based on our remote monitoring operations.

Monitoring the energy and marine customers’ installations started in the early 2000´s.

The monitoring covers condition monitoring and diagnostics, automatic data collection, connectivity, transparency of data and proposals for our customers on optimisation of the installation. Today Wärtsilä’s Condition Based Maintenance services support over 450 installations globally and are a vital part of Wärtsilä lifecycle solutions.

You are welcome to visit the Vaasa Experience Centre together with your Wärtsilä host.

Visiting address:
Powergate II
Puotikuja 1
65380 Vaasa

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