Mostafa Zahed Hossain

General Manager, Services and Service Sales, Wärtsilä Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

14 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Bangladesh


Quick problem-solving in the fast-changing environment

Mostafa Zahed Hossain, General Manager of Services and Service Sales in Bangladesh, has worked in this position for the past five years and has witnessed the growth of Wärtsilä’s Energy Business in Bangladesh every day, from hundreds to thousands of megawatts.

The work has been rewarding, says Zahed: ” I enjoy every bit of my time in Wärtsilä because of the working culture and continuous support from different parts of the world. Working with my enthusiastic team is a source of inspiration for me.” The team really means a lot to Zahed as together they’ve contributed to Wärtsilä Bangladesh becoming one of the most competent solution providers in the power sector and have achieved global recognition for that. Failures happen too, but the team can always learn from them. Zahed notes, “Whenever I experience any challenge,  I always find ways to turn it to an opportunity for the growth of Wärtsilä. It has been a great learning point to turn things from a good to a better direction.”

Zahed has influenced Wärtsilä’s operations in various ways and his experience has made it possible for him to react quickly, even in difficult situations. These skills and experiences were needed in one memorable customer occasion. “We supported one of the customers to secure full revenue for the year by helping them to clear the capacity test in a critical time. One night before the capacity tests their plant suffered from some critical issues and we solved these immediately with a competent team,” he said while reflecting on his experience enabling him to make a quick decision.

As it seems, days in Bangladesh are not all the same routine. Another memorable challenge Zahed remembers happened a few years back. “One of our key customers was frustrated after a sudden breakdown of an engine. We had a day-long negotiation to convince the customer that the breakdown happened due to their operational practices and could be avoided in the future with a proper way of working. At the end of the day, we shook hands and closed the deal for a rebuilding project, with full customer satisfaction,” he recalls.

Zahed sees how Wärtsilä is heading towards becoming an even cleaner and more efficient energy provider. He says excitedly, “In this development, I will have an opportunity to learn and support with all the new technology solutions”.

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