Yasemin Mensah

Manager, Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Services Unit North America, Wärtsilä

Halifax, Canada

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Turkey



The dynamic duo

Immediately when joining Wärtsilä, Yasemin Mensah grew to appreciate the global company culture. Hearing her recruitment story opens quite well why it is so meaningful to her. “In 2007, we had just moved from Istanbul, Turkey to Canada as immigrants. Wärtsilä was the first company that I sent my resume in our new home country and got into an interview right away. Next day, the job was offered to me – and I of course accepted. Afterwards, I consider myself lucky since it was a real challenge to find a job as a new comer in Canada. This made me to appreciate the diversity, equal opportunities and open-mindedness in Wärtsilä,” Yasemin explains.

Yasemin was first recruited for a position of a Process Coordinator. After that she took her learnings about the business, processes and dynamics with her to work as an Account Manager and Sales Manager for projects in Canada. In 2014, Yasemin desired for more challenge and wanted to contribute in the organisational growth and culture of continuous improvement. That’s when she applied – and was chosen – for the position of a Manager of Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety in Wärtsilä Services Unit North America. Yasemin sees her career development path very rewarding. “I am very grateful to be part of an organisation that empowers employees to follow their dreams!”

Yasemin and Wärtsilä could be described as a dynamic duo – that’s how well the energies of these two fit together. “Since working for Wärtsilä, there has never been a boring day – that’s what I enjoy the most! Dynamic and constantly changing organisation fits to my personality very well. It is a privilege to be on-board with a front runner for change and enhancement,” she describes the duet with her own words.

Where Yasemin appreciates her work place, so does Wärtsilä appreciate having her positiveness, analytical skills and big picture thinking within the family. Yasemin has proven her talent to engage the magnitude of stakeholders in project decision making.

”I believe being a woman in an industry that has been traditionally dominated by men, is actually an advantage – women represent freshness and transformation. At least, I have created a positive impression on our external stakeholders who had used to deal with male managers,” Yasemin points out.

Still, Yasemin highlights that it is understanding the expectations of the other party that matters the most – not the gender. “I remember handling one customer claim where I used my experience to identify and dig into the real need of the customer. The case ended with an agreement and was the beginning of a long and trust-based partnership,” Yasemin tells.

Being on the pulse is important for Yasemin, and this shines through also in the way she works; Yasemin prefers starting her day by checking the news inside and outside the company. “Every day, I have quick chats with my colleagues to discuss daily news or industry related updates. This is the best way to develop synergy,” she adds.

Now, Yasemin is looking forward for Wärtsilä to fully unleash the potential of digitalisation, optimisation and talent management – these being the key sources for the future growth. She is also committed to make her own contribution in this journey. “I see our company growing in electrical and automation side, especially within robotics and autonomous systems. I will be playing an instrumental role to ensure our functions are ready for the change and will be part of management of changes,” Yasemin says.


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