Marie Langeland

Invoicing Coordinator

Rubbestadneset, Norway

4 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Norway



Working globally

Marie Langeland started in Wärtsilä as an Office Apprentice in 2014. During her time as an office apprentice she got the chance to work in several departments in Wärtsilä Norway. Marie started to work in the reception, where she met plenty of new people and learned a lot about the company. After a couple of months in the reception, she started to work in the sales department; “At first, I was working with spare parts, issuing quotes and orders for our customers. Later, I also worked together with Sales Support.”

After the Sales Support department she moved to the Invoicing department. There Marie had her own responsibilities and her own customers to whom she sent the invoices. After some months with invoicing, Marie decided to move on to the Accounting department. The last department she was working in during her apprenticeship was Human Resources. After her time as an office apprentice, Marie was offered a permanent job in the Invoicing department, where she is still working. She feels very grateful for everything she learned as an Office Apprentice and for her current position as an Invoicing Coordinator.

Marie enjoys working in a big and global company like Wärtsilä, because it enables huge variety of opportunities for its employees. She also thinks that Wärtsilä is constantly trying to improve and find better ways of working to stay ahead of the times, and the smart service is a good example of it.

“For companies to grow fast, they must be able to do big changes in structure and ways of working. I think Wärtsilä will continue to grow even bigger in the future as we are always willing to change and improve.“

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