Vishal Parikh

Country Manager, Indirect Purchasing, Purchase & Logistics, Wärtsilä United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from India


Inspired to lead by other leaders

20-years career with purchasing and logistics builds up expertise and experience that Wärtsilä’s Vishal Parikh benefits to aim for excellence at work. “In the last two years, our Indirect Purchasing team here in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has achieved all our key performance indicators and as a consequence, I hope we could be seen as a role model team for other teams globally.”

When Vishal joined Wärtsilä in 2014, his Senior Purchaser responsibilities covered purely the purchasing function in the UAE. Vishal’s competences and eagerness were soon noticed, and he got an additional responsibility over the local Transportation function two years after he joined the company. Eventually Vishal was promoted as a Country Manager in 2017 and a year after he also got to manage the local Warehouse function.

“Now, I’m heading Purchasing as well as Storage and Logistics functions for Wärtsilä and its affiliate companies in the UAE region – meaning that I take care of all the supplier agreements, process control, implementation of new purchase related tools and training on those tools.”

Talking about new tools, that make the organisation often more efficient, Vishal has learnt the importance of careful implementation in order to guarantee this efficiency. “I recall it as one of my biggest wins at Wärtsilä when the first-ever global purchasing tool was launched. The launch success wasn’t only about the qualities of the tool itself but how we managed the way of working changes in various locations. To adjust to the new global way of working, I needed to ensure I got the people in UAE engaged with the new way of working and made the learning effective for them.”

As with other challenges, Vishal relied on his personal strengths also in this tool renewal case; it is a mindset that Vishal aims to spread within his own team mates. “Every day, I come to work with an open mind that is ready to learn and act on new situations. Like my colleagues, I’m hardworking but I know it’s not enough. Hence, while working hard, I find it important to manage my time efficiently.”

Being a team leader himself, Vishal appreciates good leadership as a great way to learn, get inspired and grow personally. “My line manager, Mr. Faisal Riaz has always supported me in my daily tasks and coached me towards finding solutions. I aim to be a similar back bone for my own team.” At Wärtsilä, Vishal is inspired also by other leaders – the top management who may not be physically visible that often in the UAE but who set the direction for the entire Wärtsilä community. That’s why it was an exciting day for Vishal to finally meet with Wärtsilä’s Board of Management as they came to visit the office in the UAE. “We don’t of course see the top management that is in Helsinki very often. As we mainly get to interact with them in our online channels, it was one of my memorable days in the company when I got the opportunity to chat with them in person,” Vishal shares.

With these role model leaders, Vishal feels that the company’s endeavours towards a smart marine and smart energy future will get even more customer focus. “I believe that with innovation, digitalisation and sustainability, we can provide better solutions to help our customers’ business,” Vishal concludes and adds that also he has an important role in this respect: “Within the upcoming years, I’ll work towards further digitalisation of our processes in Purchasing and Logistics”.

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