Venkata Siva Rao Pandi

Centre Manager

Jakarta, Indonesia

19 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from India


Two decades with Wärtsilä – and still feeling fresh

“My current position is Centre Manager at Wärtsilä Contract Centre in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I started my career with Wärtsilä 19 years ago as a Shift Engineer, working at Contract Management site in India. Since then, I have handled various positions in Contract Management, and various technologies, including Boiler Turbine Generator. My journey so far has been very exciting and refreshing; I can’t believe that I have spent close to two decades in Wärtsilä and I still feel like I’ve just joined the company.

During the years, Wärtsilä has changed its offerings, products, services and way of working to suite customers’ needs and to stay a head of the competition. We have also done many acquisitions to meet with the future business demands and environmental requirements. In the future, Wärtsilä will be heading towards fulfilling energy needs, as per customer’s requirement, with our smart solutions. Wärtsilä’s focus will be in sustainability, renewability, fast delivery, transparency and flexibility, by utilising latest technologies and digitalisation.”

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