Valentina Cipolat

Assembly Line Manager

Trieste, Italy

4 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Italy


A young and curious engineer

Four years have passed by quickly for Valentina Cipolat. She started in Wärtsilä as a trainee, and then continued to the Production Releaser’s position. Since June this year, she has been working as an Assembly Line Manager in Trieste. “When I started as a Supply Chain Trainee, my tutor organised a training on production. This training was the ricochet to my interest in the production environment as I saw how challenging and exciting that environment is. After the traineeship, I decided to apply for a vacancy in the assembly line area,” she recalls.

The promotion process is something Valentina will always remember as she was so excited and surprised when it was awarded to her. “I did not expect the promotion and therefore was even a bit concerned when my supervisor told me to come to his room to discuss the future. I am more than happy and proud of this opportunity I got!” she exclaims.

Valentina enjoys being on the field and seeing making of the products with her own eyes: “I prefer working in production as I can touch and see the actual assembly process for products and engines. Working in the field and being in daily contact with my colleagues keeps me energised.” Valentina is excited about her new role, “I enjoy being a manager and I‘m good at getting straight to the point, which has helped me to work efficiently. However, I am also flexible and resilient. These are important characteristics in my daily activities where you need to be clear in communication. In manufacturing, every day is different which is both a challenge and an opportunity.”

Equality and fairness are important for Valentina and she is pleased to see they are interwoven with Wärtsilä’s daily activities and workplace culture. “During my years in Wärtsilä, I have seen the development of people’s mindset. There are now many equal opportunities for both women and men. This is especially important to me as a young woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry. This change has been very evident in Wärtsilä,” she says proudly.

Valentina also focuses on future development and supporting the younger people. “Wärtsilä has made investments in developing its partnerships with the universities and supporting their research initiatives. This gives me the feeling that the company is supporting the growth of future talent,” she says.

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