Tony Meski

Power System Analyst, Business Development, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Helsinki, Finland

1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Discovering the optimal path for future power systems

Tony Meski, one of Wärtsilä’s Power System Analysts, started in the company on 1 August 2018 as he joined the 2-year Energy Talent Program, an initiative aimed at recruiting newly graduated fresh talents. “I’m fairly new in the firm and during my first months I was using a decent amount of time learning new tools and building a network within Wärtsilä. Since then, the real focus of my work has been to open new markets for Wärtsilä Energy Business through in-depth power system understanding and customer value creation,” described Tony, about his journey thus far.

While studying, Tony felt that there was a lot of discussion about the system problems that came along since the share of renewable energy generation started to increase. However, at that time, solutions were either not clear or not actively discussed. Hence, the focus on solutions and their feasibility is an element that Tony appreciates a lot in his new role. With Wärtsilä, the path to a viable renewable energy future became – for the first time – clear and easily understandable for him.

Now, he gets to contribute by promoting the importance of flexibility in power systems with a high share of renewables. It is one of these moments, Tony’s first presentation to a customer, that he’ll remember for a life time. “I had been working with Sri Lanka’s national power system and its future development for some months. Then, I got called down to Sri Lanka to present my results on what would be the optimal path for the nation to develop their power system towards more renewables. My message was well understood by the local decision makers and we agreed to continue the work with them. During that trip, I learned a lot and it was very rewarding to get good feedback from real customers.”

Tony has been enjoying these responsibilities trusted on him and looks forward to continuing the work as a renewable energy ambassador with new markets and nations. “When I work with Wärtsilä I feel I can make a difference and work towards a better tomorrow. I feel I can help players in the energy sector make better and more informed decisions about the future,” he shares about his work motivation. “On top of that, the colleagues and bosses are very inspiring and supportive, and the overall working atmosphere is great,” he continues.

With such colleagues, Tony has learned to turn to them – their help and a second opinion – whenever he gets stuck with a task. “Wärtsilä is full of bright minds that are eager to help out and share their thoughts on a specific topic. Usually, by doing this, work gets done more smoothly.”


Adapting to changes around us

When Tony told his family about the job at Wärtsilä, his mother was pleased; to her, Wärtsilä appeared to be a stable and secure Finnish company. The company might be stable in terms of business growth, but Tony’s first months have already taught him that the way of working is more dynamic. In the evolving business landscape, which has resulted in organisational changes, acquisitions, new cooperation partners and business areas, one must really pay attention to keep up. “After I’ve told about my work, I think my mum has also realised that there is no such thing as a ‘secure’ and ‘stable’ company these days,” Tony says with a smile and continues: “There are only companies that adapt to constant changes as well as those who stay the same and fall behind. I strongly believe Wärtsilä is one of the former.”

According to Tony, Wärtsilä has shown its capability to take on new ideas and drive them forward. Hence, he feels that the company is in a position to set ambitious goals: “Wärtsilä is not afraid to try new ideas and concepts. Some examples of this are the Power-to-X competition for start-ups and the entire ‘turnaround’ to proactively strive for a 100% renewable energy future.”

Ambitious goals are quite familiar to sporty Tony also in his personal life. “My main sport is field hockey, where I will represent team Finland in the European tournament this summer,” he tells. Besides hints for a game plan, Tony is also able to give you quite a few book recommendations. “I like to challenge the way I see the world whenever I get the chance. One great way of doing this is by reading or listening to e-books. The latest book I listened to was ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker. It was very interesting and eye opening.”

Check out the 40-second video about Tony below!

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