Tomi Ilvessalmi

Lead UX Designer, Agile Business Development, Voyage Solutions, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Helsinki, Finland

2 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Designing the future

Wärtsilian Tomi Ilvessalmi is closely involved with digital transformation initiatives in diverse projects. These are for instance autonomous vessel projects, remote diagnostics of engines and cruise ship bridge design based on user needs. In his role as a Lead User Experience Designer, while designing user interfaces, Tomi gets to also do user research on customer sites globally. “I’ve been really happy to see the results of the projects and how people have been working together towards the customer centricity and open communication – and through succeeding in those to other targets.”

Days in User Experience Design team are far from boring. The work includes exciting trips to the actual vessels to learn how the solution works in practice and how to develop them further. One of the memorable moments related to these trips happened just recently. “Our team made a trip to Asia to do design research and observations on cruise ship bridges. An exciting experience in itself, the visit was made more memorable by a typhoon that messed up our itinerary plans and we ended up visiting more Asian countries than we originally planned. In the end, the results of the work were actually more comprehensive than what the original plan would have given us,” Tomi tells about the trip they ended up having.

Check Tomi’s interview for more interesting stuff about his work and experiences in the vessels – and in the office. You may also find interesting tips on how we should work together for the innovative future.

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