Christian Pisoh

Sales Support Manager

Douala, Cameroon

10 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Cameroon



The early bird

A SAP and Salesforce CRM expert, a propulsion champion, digital wizard and the go-to guy for IT, 34-year-old Christian Pisoh from Douala, Cameroon is a man of many talents. See why he compares his journey at Wärtsilä to a roller-coaster ride.

“No two days are the same around here,” Christian Pisoh declares recounting his 10-year career at Wärtsilä, one that is marked with personal and professional highs.

“In 2008, I was supporting frontline sales very actively as field services coordinator. In 2010, I joined the pilot for the field services centre concept,” he says, “That was also the year I got married, and the year of birth of my first child. I consider that period of my life to be the most crucial of my time in the company.”

A roller-coaster ride

Keeping customer satisfaction as his mission statement, Christian went to work with vigour. Actively networking with sales and support teams across Africa, his role gave him further insight into the world of sales, which in turn led him to a front-line role, one where he could devote more time to strategy and test different sales approaches.

“Working for Wärtsilä is like riding a roller-coaster, but in a good way,” says Christian. This, he claims, is because the tools of the trade are constantly changing which makes continuous growth and reinvention a necessity. And he tries to keep up through continuous training, analysis of deviations and the redesign of inefficient processes.

While Christian thrives in taking up new challenges, there are a few that he considers as hallmarks in his decade-long career.

In 2017, he proactively approached a customer who had just finished an overhaul process. And in spite of the next overhaul being a while off, he decided to make a pitch.

“In sales, as in everything else, the early bird gets the fattest worm. Especially if it's looking in the right place. By starting the discussion over a year before it was due, it got inserted into the budget according to our scope,” Christian explains.

This, in turn, led to over 20% savings for the customer on an overhaul that would normally have cost 2.5 million euros.

“The customer was happy, Wärtsilä was happy, the sales team was happy, I was happy. This was for me the perfect deal, a complete win-win,” he says.

Winds of change

But while Christian and many young Wärtsilians like him were winning such battles, the organisation was also changing, bringing in new opportunities.

“The company I joined has little to do with where I work now, but for the core DNA of energy, excitement and excellence,” Christian explains. "Meaningful collaborations, more flexibility and newer solutions are just a few of the ways in which Wärtsilä has evolved."

“All in all, we have gone from being a supplier to customers in the energy and marine industry to a major influencer in both these industries. We have a unique breadth of skills to support customers in maximising their profit in the next phase of their business,” he adds.

This evolution has come through technological strides like the dual fuel engines, the Wärtsilä 31 engine, modular power plants and also the creation of Digital Acceleration Centres and the Growth Lab programme to name a few.

So what does the future hold? For Christian, it’s Wärtsilä’s drive towards higher sustainability that is of interest.

“In the next 15 years, not only will Wärtsilä be at least 10 times its current volume but it will also become synonymous with energy supply, and sustainable marine transport,” he predicts with unwavering confidence.

Christian is also bullish about striking the right balance between technological growth and environmental protection through the use of smart technology, and as such he considers himself an ambassador advancing Wärtsilä’s sustainable development goals.

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