Rafa Indryani Kadwina

Senior Plant Technician

Jakarta, Indonesia

1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Indonesia


The Braveheart

21-year old Rafa Indryani Kadwina is one of Wärtsilä Indonesia’s youngest electrical engineers, and her stint in the company has opened her up to a whole new world of experiences.

Rafa Indryani Kadwina may be just another face in a crowd on the streets of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, cutting a diminutive figure as she leaves home and heads to work.

However, this 21-year old carries upon her slender shoulders responsibilities that would leave others her age in awe. For Rafa is one of the youngest electrical engineers working at Wärtsilä Indonesia and is responsible for carrying out different kinds of electrical maintenance work.

“Even though I am a woman engineer, I have not been held back from anything. I have the same responsibility as male engineers to do electrical maintenance tasks,” she explains. “With this job, I have a chance to develop my skills and become better at my work.”

Rafa joined Wärtsilä as a trainee engineer and has only been around for a year. In that time, she has been able to work on a variety of projects, all of which have helped her gain experience.

Entering a new world

“To be a good engineer we have to know how to work on the field. We have to know that it is okay to get dirty,” she says, laughing.

“I usually help the electrical team on different kinds of electrical tasks and sometimes, I also get the opportunity to take on mechanical tasks as well. This helps because electrical engineers have to be prepared to tackle mechanical challenges too,” she adds.

While Rafa is grateful for the opportunity to work for a company like Wärtsilä and the tremendous boost it has given her so early in her career, she is even more happy about the supportive environment she has found here.

“Everybody has been making me feel so welcome, and are always ready to share their knowledge about power plants and other things. So far, my career situation at Wärtsilä has been great and I always feel grateful when we solved problems as a team,” she says.

Her experiences have made Rafa an enthusiastic trainee and she actively spreads the good word about Wärtsilä to her peers in the industry.

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