Teemu Eronen

Director, Cyber Operations

Helsinki, Finland

2 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Days filled with cyber, team play and ice hockey

Teemu Eronen works with cyber security aspects of digitalisation and digital transformation in Wärtsilä. In his work, Teemu’s ultimate aim is to make all Wärtsilians more resilient against cyber threats which he thrives to do by bringing new ways and ideas into the company.

Teemu can be described as a great team player whose activeness and effectiveness are contagious. “My typical workday starts with 5:30 am wakeup, and before 7:00 am, I am joining my team’s ice hockey practise. I head to office right after 8:00 am. During the workday, I work a lot with our partners and colleagues, preferably over the phone or face-to-face instead of e-mails. My days are hectic and while improving Wärtsilä’s cyber resilience and posture, we face a lot of unpredictable issues. Having said that, those unpredictable issues make my days more interesting. Overall, even though I am working with digitalisation and transformation, I think cyber is still more about people than technology.

At Wärtsilä, what Teemu enjoys most are the opportunities, people and international working environment. He emphasises that it is the support of his Wärtsilä colleagues and the ecosystem which makes processes as smooth as possible even when they get challenging. “In 2017, when we changed to the 24/7 Security Operations Centre we had only few months to do it. But we made decisions fast, based on experience and facts and managed to close the global contractual issues during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Hence, the global project was able to kick off right in the beginning of January.”

Teemu sees that Wärtsilä is heading in the right direction with its digital strategy. “I am sure that within the next five years we will see many new business models based on digitalisation and a new era of cooperation. I see myself growing with that, bringing in the cyber awareness and know-how as we improve and build Wärtsilä’s cyber security capabilities together, in line with the needs of our company and our ecosystem. Our team’s common goal is to have the best fit for business Cyber Operations capabilities in the industry by 2021. Nothing less, nothing more.”

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