Tarik Sfendla

Market Development Manager, Africa, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Paris, France

10 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Morocco


World-citizen with a dream

Tarik Sfendla, Market Development Manager in Africa, joined Wärtsilä 10 years ago as a master’s degree thesis student. Since then, he has worked in different positions in project management for European and African areas. He has been living and working in Paris for three years now, with the main role of promoting renewable and flexible energy solutions in Africa.

Tarik really enjoys the start-up mindset in Wärtsilä, saying: “I really like the fact that everyone is encouraged to innovate in the way of working in order to reach excellence in our work. I particularly appreciate the fact that we can see our contribution to the world, as our projects have a great impact in the energy landscape. And in many cases, especially in Africa, they are directly improving the living conditions of thousands and thousands of people”.

For a well-traveled person like Tarik, the global company atmosphere and network strengthen his feeling of being a citizen of our world. By now, Tarik has visited already 54 countries and is still willing to visit new destinations. “My biggest dream is to visit all the countries in the world!” he says.

Get to know Tarik’s Wärtsilä journey and how he sees the energy markets developing in his video.

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