Stuti Gandotra

Market Development Manager, Middle East & Asia, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Delhi, India

5 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from India


To the top, like a mountaineer

29-year-old Stuti Gandotra couldn’t have asked for a better start to her career. From being a wide-eyed graduate to being Wärtsilä’s Market Development Manager in the Middle East and Asia, she has done it all in her first job. See why Stuti foresees Wärtsilä being among the world’s most sustainable companies by 2025.

July 1, 2013, is a day etched in Stuti Gandotra’s memory. It was her first day working at Wärtsilä Energy Solutions – nowadays known as Wärtsilä Energy Business, and she had joined as an analyst in the Market Development team.

All of 23, Stuti had walked in filled with anxiety and excitement in equal measure and with a million questions on her mind. But thanks to a supportive team, all of it promptly gave way to a sound understanding of the business and internal growth. Now less than 6 years later, Stuti is leading policy development and strategising energy dynamics for different energy markets.

“My job is to ensure our customers and society get a reliable, stable and flexible power grid,” says Stuti adding that energy efficiency, gas-based generation and renewable energy are some of the key factors driving the global energy market today.

Looking at the big picture

For Stuti, the six years spent at Wärtsilä have been filled with learning and opportunities.

“My work has constantly pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. It’s truly been an enriching experience,” she says likening her journey to a mountain trek with every step and project leading to her personal and professional growth.

Her brief stint as a member of the Global Advisory Services Team in Vaasa, Finland was one such experience. “I was very hesitant to take up this challenge initially,” she says. “But I am glad that it happened since it made me more independent and confident as I learnt to juggle between work and daily chores.”

Since then, there’s been no looking back for Stuti. With a broader outlook towards life and work, came the ability to look at the big picture. “With every task, I ensure that our work benefits not just Wärtsilä, but also the society,” she adds.

“Active market development involves understanding the power system of a utility and their future plans,” she explains. Accordingly, along with her team, Stuti carries out market analysis, modelling of future power systems, conducts customer workshops and educate utilities with a strategic foresight to deliver sustainable and reliable power systems.

Vision 2025

In many ways, she feels this makes her an ambassador for Wärtsilä.

Thanks to her experience in analytical modelling and devising the right strategies, her team has been able to successfully carry out development activities in the Middle East and Asia markets, helping Wärtsilä in its efforts to build a sustainable society for the benefit of future generations.

Stuti sees Wärtsilä further diversifying its business and expanding into new markets in the next five years. While more innovative technologies will be added, integrated renewable energy system and sustainability consulting will be the way forward, she says.

“Wärtsilä will be among the top five most sustainable companies in the world by 2025,” she adds with confidence, setting the bar high for both herself and the organisation.

And where does she see herself over the next five years? “It may sound cliched, but I absolutely believe in the long-term implications of renewable energy. Helping customers to define an optimum path towards a 100% renewable energy future is my sole focus at the moment,” she says emphatically.

That’s a voyage that she can be sure Wärtsilä will back her in, every step of the way.

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