Shoaib Baloch

Service Engineer, 4-Stroke Field Services, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Montreal, Canada

4 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Canada


The hero of two continents

Shoaib Baloch, one of our Service Engineers, has had the opportunity to work at Wärtsilä offices on two different continents within four years. He started working as a Marine Engineer on container ships. After passing his marine certifications, he continued working on shore-based jobs in Singapore. Shoaib worked in Wärtsilä Singapore for three years, but decided to move back to Canada, joining Wärtsilä Canada in 2015.

Shoaib knows how to enjoy his routines, those small precious moments, like starting the work day with a cup of good coffee. After his coffee, Shoaib usually continues his day in tool box meetings and then works on servicing and maintaining the engines to complete the daily targets.

In his role, team work is the thing Shoaib enjoys most. He also appreciates and enjoys the support his supervisors are providing him in his work. “My greatest contribution to Wärtsilä has been my personal efforts and hard work for achieving good results.”

Sometimes, the role of a Service Engineer can be real detective work and there is pressure to fix things before a ship’s planned departure schedule. In such cases, Shoaib has been the hero, fixing things within deadline – and saving the day for his customers. Past cases have included discovering out engine vibration caused by a disconnected fuel pump linkage and noticing that a crankshaft was completely out of specification as the customer had bought it from a wrong supplier.

The future is bright in Shoaib’s mind: “In five years’ time, Wärtsilä will be the world leader in its’ field and I see myself in a leading role in the service department. All this can be achieved by introducing new technology and maintenance procedures and keeping up the innovative mindset all the time.”

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