Seppo Hautajoki

Managing Director of Wärtsilä Gulf FZE & Director, Wärtsilä Services Unit Middle East South Asia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

34 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland



Success is born in teamwork

Seppo Hautajoki left his idyllic home town Vaasa, Finland already in 1993 when he signed his first international service agreement in Wärtsilä. Even if it was long time ago, the memory of first time landing to the Philippines and seeing the power plant he was assigned to, stays fresh in Seppo’s mind. “The power plant was located on an island about an hour flight from Manila. When I arrived at the small local airport – and despite I knew something about the country and its culture – I was simply shocked to see that not only the security guards but almost every civilian was carrying a fire arm.”

Even if the initial image of the new culture was a lot different from the one that Seppo had used to in Vaasa, he has now spent decades abroad and made the United Arab Emirates as his new home base. After a long and winding journey, Seppo is currently carrying two hats, holding the positions of Managing Director of Wärtsilä Gulf FZE and Director of Wärtsilä Services Unit Middle East South Asia.

These management positions are an extremely good fit for Seppo who enjoys the environment of constant change in Wärtsilä as well as solving business and people related challenges. During his long experience as a leader, Seppo has learned the importance of standing by his team. “Whenever we have solved challenges, it has been about team work and I cannot really take credit,” Seppo states.

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