Sari Priz

Sales Manager, 4-Stroke Product Sales, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Helsinki, Finland

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Alongside her new team

Sari Priz, our Sales Manager, joined the Wärtsilä 4-Stroke Product Sales team quite recently. In her current role, she tailors solutions to Wärtsilä’s Marine customers in Italy, with the goal of providing long-term value for the customers’ businesses and ensuring that the partnerships grow stronger via sustainable solutions in the changing market.

Even if Sari is rather new to the team, she already sees her colleagues as an important source of both knowledge and joy. “The team comprises experts with extensive experience and customer understanding. They help me understand the customers’ viewpoint so that I’m able create the best-matching offering. I really enjoy being part of this team.”

She also feels that enjoying one’s work is quite common amongst Wärtsilians. “I believe Wärtsilä has become one of the most appreciated working places, and other companies recognise this as well,” Sari tells. “Personally, I enjoy most the agility of the company, the understanding and willingness to co-create, the courage to set ambitious targets and equip the company towards them. In Wärtsilä’s culture, it is visible how the company encourages idea sharing, developing them together and contributing to the company’s success. This is really motivating.”

Sari doesn’t easily take credit for her work, but takes it back to her team. “My contribution is really about team work; different teams are jointly developing successful cases or closing deals for the company. One special occasion was some years back when we were taking a team picture and I took a stand alongside the team. They turned to me saying ‘No, you need to stand in front us as you are our leader and we are your team.’ These moments really make me recognise the responsibility and opportunity that I have in making colleagues' work lives better. Even now when I am not a line manager, I still can do my part for the team’s success and well-being.”

Finding solutions to make things work

According to Sari, her 12 years in Wärtsilä have been a great journey filled with learning; support and guidance have always been there when needed – either from the team, from her superior or other colleagues. One could say that Sari is experienced in making the most of these learnings within new contexts.

“The warehouse move from Vaasa, Finland to Kampen in the Netherlands is probably one of the biggest projects I have participated in so far. I got to join a team that was put together to solve the multiple bottlenecks related to the move. Often, it was easy to point out what did not work and whose fault it was. During that time, I truly learnt how much more important it is to focus on finding solutions to make things work,” she tells. “After the move I’ve used this learning in other challenging situations. When I focus on finding a solution, things start to change for the better, even if landing the solution might take time.”

Over the last couple of years, Sari feels that Wärtsilians’ understanding of digitalisation has evolved. “I believe there has been a big change in our mindsets – first it was challenging to understand what digitalisation actually means – whereas today it is part of the company culture and everyday life.”

Sari also feels confident about the future development of the company, now that the intention to enable sustainable societies with smart technology has been set. “The development of our strategy actions shows there is no doubt that we will achieve the set targets. For example, the investments on the Smart Technology Hub in Vaasa and ecosystem way of working in general show how seriously we want to be the leader of innovations.”

And what is Sari planning to do in this future set-up? “For now, I will continue with what I do best – acting in the customer frontier in our Marine Business,” she tells and continues with laughter “and of course I will continue taking our dog out three times a day, every day, no matter what the weather. Even in times of transformation, we need to hold on to some of the valuable routines; this one ensures I get the minimum amount of steps every day.”

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