Sanni Marlene Lindholm

Manager, Process Development

Vaasa, Finland

10 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland



Harnessing personal excitement and curiosity to transform the company

Currently, Sanni Lindholm works in Wärtsilä’s central Quality, Environment, Health & Safety function, supporting all business units, functions and areas globally. Her role consists of large scale global development projects as well as coordination of many management systems, auditing, certification and process development related activities. “I have worked in various positions within Process Development, Operational Development and Quality and have had the privilege to work with true professionals helping me to learn, develop and grow during my journey."

The content and focus of Sanni’s work changes all the time, therefore there are no typical workdays for her. “This is also the driver and motivating factor in my current role – striving for continuous improvement, turning challenges into opportunities, making change happen and encouraging others to improve their work is an achievement every day.”

Sanni emphasises that having motivating, encouraging colleagues and managers, innovative atmosphere of global teams and expert networks and the possibility to grow and help others to grow make her work at Wärtsilä special. “I enjoy making a difference and believing in what we do – seeing and contributing Wärtsilä purpose turn into actions and reality.”

“In my opinion, my greatest contribution to Wärtsilä is my personal excitement and curiosity to learn and to develop. Questioning and improving existing ways of working brings added value. Additionally, motivating and encouraging others to improve is as important as the actual development work itself.”

Sanni describes Wärtsilä’s development as following: “Wärtsilä has changed into a truly agile and innovative smart technology company. One can also see our purpose – enabling sustainable societies with smart technology – driving the priorities and actions more clearly. In addition to technical innovation and intelligent solutions, the ability to change and shape focus and strategic direction fast according to changing markets and needs has enabled Wärtsilä to stay ahead of the times.”

“Within the next years, I see Wärtsilä shaping the markets and transforming its offering towards more sustainable solutions. I see myself growing and changing alongside with new and changing opportunities, responsibilities and roles. I will be keen on learning, evolving and contributing personally to this exciting change and transformation.”

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