Sachin Kulkarni

General Manager, Marine Business Services, South Asia

Mumbai, India

22 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from India


Feeling empowered in the Wärtsilä family

Sachin Kulkarni looks after service sales activities in South Asia along with a competent sales team. “It’s an exciting and fulfilling experience to interact with existing and potential customers, and with various other stakeholders in marine and energy market in constantly changing business environment.”

Sachin entered Wärtsilä family straight from engineering college campus and he feels privileged to be part of the celebration of Wärtsilä's 185th anniversary. “I’m glad to be surrounded by collaborative, passionate, friendly and talented colleagues who are continuously pursuing improvement and maintaining customer focus. I trust my team and working community and have a solid feeling that we are supportive towards each other and are all striving for a common goal. My journey in Wärtsilä can be best described by the fact that even after 22 years, I feel equally excited to come to the work as when I joined and my hunger to learn new things continues."

As Sachin is responsible for sales, he spends some of his workdays outside the office, as part of his work is to travel to meet customers and prospects. “When I’m at the office, daily activities include interaction with sales team on opportunities, challenges, sales review, discussions with delivery functions, CRM/QlikView review and meetings. Most of the times, the day at the office also includes discussions over coffee with sales team members and cross functional colleagues." In his work, Sachin enjoys most the freedom and the empowerment to work.

Regarding Wärtsilä’s future, Sachin truly has some visionary ideas and visions. "With the recent change, integrating our previously three Businesses into two Businesses, Wärtsilä is clearly looking at delivering enhanced value to its customers by supporting their needs throughout the lifecycle. This will enable growth and implementation of Smart Marine and Smart Energy strategies. As an extension to these strategies, Wärtsilä will touch base with entire ecosystem from marine to energy thereby impacting an environment and communities across. Wärtsilä will lead the efforts to enable sustainable societies with smart technology. During this journey, to enable vision into reality, I would call for co-creation and building new products and services with our customers and stakeholders and thus, continue progressing from product company to solution company. During this journey enabling vision into reality, I foresee myself playing significant role in co-creating smart solutions and new business models with our customers and stakeholders. Certainly, exciting times ahead and looking forward to the future”

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