Rosalind Fong

Senior Executive Assistant, Middle East and Asia, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Singapore, Singapore

37 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Singapore


Excellent bosses and new challenges – what else could one wish for

“I have grown up with Wärtsilä for 37 years and I’m still growing,” says Rosalind Fong, Wärtsilä’s Senior Executive Assistant for Wärtsilä Services Unit Indochina and Singapore, cheerfully. When asked about what has made her stay with the company for so many years, one factor raises above others: new challenges that her work has always offered.

“I was employed as an Assistant but as years caught on, I took on local communications and branding responsibilities, such as arranging exhibitions and events. In addition, I’ve been facilitating certain internal project roll-outs, apart from my role as an Assistant, such as when taking into use our new online travel booking tool and very recently the global document management system.”

Besides challenges, it is thanks to colleagues and high-quality bosses why Rosalind still enjoys her time at Wärtsilä. “Everyone in the office has a fair share in making my days more fun. But having fun also depends on yourself and your positive attitude,” she reminds.

Even if Rosalind’s responsibilities have expanded to whole new areas of expertise, she still enjoys the original tasks she took over when joining the company. “My role has always been to support others, so I guess one could say that I enjoy when I make other people prosper and ease the workload of my colleagues. I hope I continue to be good at it by learning new things and tricks that come along.”

During her 37 years at Wärtsilä, Rosalind has been able to see a lot of development – both within people and the way in which the company has improved. “I think people are 100% committed to zero defects and more savvy in technology,” Rosalind laughs. “Whereas the company has kept itself fresh by developing our OPEX (Operating Expenses) and QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health and Safety) practices to meet the modern world and policies. On top of that our ways of working, equipment and facilities are more improved and modern.”

As Rosalind mentioned challenges as her main motivator, renovating their current office in Singapore has been one of the most memorable of these opportunities. “Even if the project itself felt good, the opening ceremony of the renewed Pandan Crescent office after all the hard work felt even better,” she admits.

In addition to great working environment, a solid work life balance in the office is also very important for her to rejuvenate the mind and body and feel recharged. “I would travel at least twice a year to get recharged,” she admits.

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