Reto Kunz

Director, Program Management Office, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Winterthur, Switzerland

7 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Switzerland


The continuous drive to make things better

“Our purpose to enable sustainable societies with smart technology is something which touches the bottom of my heart and I can very well identify with. Because of it, I feel Wärtsilä is changing towards becoming a more ‘approachable’ company with a collaborative culture. I am convinced that this is a good development which will unleash even more potential and synergies going forward.”

Meet Reto Kunz, a Program Management Office Director from Switzerland, who has recently changed role and is now heading a program aimed at reducing Wärtsilä’s cost of supply. Before that, he was responsible for the spare parts business of QuantiServ, one of Wärtsilä’s business lines. “My journey at Wärtsilä has been very exciting. Along the way, many new flavours have been added to it and it has made my career journey very interesting. It has provided me great opportunities to learn and grow, which I very much appreciate.”

Reto tells how he has been impressed by the company’s global working environment since day one. “I remember very well my very first day at Wärtsilä. I met my new boss at the airport and travelled straight to a team workshop. That made me truly experience the global business we are in.” In his work, Reto enjoys the international context of the company, paired with the very fascinating products he deals with. ”Not to forget of course the possibilities Wärtsilä is providing for personal development,” he continues.

At the end of the day, it is the people who make the difference. This is valid for the work atmosphere but also for the performance. “I am extremely proud of what my previous team achieved over the last years. Coping with challenges in the daily business, while improving the performance in many aspects really deserves respect. Besides this, I have to say, there have been many moments – funny ones and sad ones, refreshing ones and demotivating ones – which have added something to me, and contributed to shaping who I am today.”

Reto sees that whenever a door closes, a new one opens. “Every now and then, I have been given new opportunities to grow. I am truly convinced that Wärtsilä is a very good place for self-development if one is ready to go the extra mile.”

Reto would summarise the future view with a saying “what got you here won’t get you there” meaning that within the next years new things that are not known today will become relevant. “Speed will be critical to stay competitive, and these changes will require adaption from all of us. I am looking forward to it!” With the increasing pace of change, Reto seeks for sustainability and finds balance in his two most cherished free time activities: family time and sports.

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