Ravi Manglani

Sales Manager, Seals and Bearings

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

25 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from India


Generating winning strategies together

Indian born Ravi Manglani, Segment Sales Manager, Seals and Bearings in Global Sales, started his Wärtsilä career already 25 years ago in Marine Aftermarkets. Located in Dubai, Ravi has created a global career in Wärtsilä. Currently he is working in the shaft line repair service business as a Sales Manager. “This is an interesting position as I always need to find new ways to exceed customer expectations”, he says about his daily work and interaction with customers.

Ravi enjoys being in situations outside his comfort zone and finding practical solutions to customers’ everyday challenges. ” I think one of my main skills that supports my daily work is my ability to work with all kinds of people. I love exploring the world and working with different cultures on a daily basis. That helps me create a better understanding of different markets, and consequently, find more potential customers for Wärtsilä,” he says. He adds that the multicultural and global working environment in Wärtsilä is amazing as people, despite different cultures, always come together on all occasions.

When working with sales, you sometimes need to accept failures. However, Ravi strongly believes that sometimes you need to step back to be able to build even better future strategies. To which he says, “To show the value we offer, we sometimes need to overcome external challenges by finding the best solutions – by utilising earlier experiences and internal discussions.” Ravi and his team try to find the best solution(s) for each customer. “This is supported of course by Wärtsilä’s continuous development of innovations in Energy and Marine industries. Focusing on future innovations and best partners to work with, we are able to develop the winning strategies together for future,” Ravi says.

He is very proud of his team and its smooth way of working. “The team is working extremely well together. Seals and bearings team are supportive with new ideas or developing their solutions based on the feedback from the market. They respond quickly and help us to create value and deliver way beyond customer expectations! I also feel that the opportunities for my personal growth at Wärtsilä are great.”

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