Rajan Khanna

Head of Marine Sales, Middle East, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

21 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from India


Self-empowerment and hard work

In his 21-year long career at Wärtsilä, Rajan Khanna, Head of Marine Sales in the Middle East, has been putting a lot of effort in building self-empowered, dedicated teams and individuals who regularly show excellent results. According to Rajan, this is also his greatest contribution at Wärtsilä.

Rajan states that he has whole-heartedly enjoyed the journey so far and that he has been able to grow and develop with the company during the past 21 years. In his work at Wärtsilä, Rajan appreciates the freedom he gets at work, the empowering atmosphere, and the possibility to work with people from different cultures and different nationalities – as one family.

According to Rajan, Wärtsilä and its people have not changed very much during his time in the company. “The company culture of respecting people and empowering them has always remained the same. And I see that these core values of Wärtsilä are the real success factors in the long run.”

During his career, securing broad service related projects in the Middle East and ensuring their successful execution count among Rajan’s biggest achievements. “For one particular project in the Middle East, we worked with the customer to bring 36 turbochargers to Wärtsilä’s workshop in Dubai for repair and upgrade. With that many turbochargers, the scope of the project was not a minor one. Execution of the whole project in all respect was a real challenge which we completed with excellent team work,” Rajan recalls.

Rajan gives a lot of praises to his team and work colleagues. “My whole team is always available, and they make every day so routine; whatever challenges we might be facing, one can feel safe. Our teams in United Arab Emirates are extremely customer focused, which makes it fun to serve the customers every day.”

According to Rajan, the technological development of Wärtsilä’s solutions and various acquisitions during the past years have kept the company innovative and ahead of the game. “In the global energy markets, Wärtsilä is heading towards the required change which is renewable and LNG (liquified natural gas). I am proud and confident to be part of this biggest change in the history.”

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