Jon Folgerø-Holm

Naval Architect

Stord, Norway

1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Norway



Putting ships through their paces

Naval architect Jon Folgerø-Holm may have only started his stint at Wärtsilä recently, but his short time here has already given him the opportunity to do the kind of work that comes across once in a lifetime.

One of Wärtsilä’s newest Naval Architects, Jon Folgerø-Holm, started his position in Stord, Norway, in February 2018. Needless to say, the job comes with awesome responsibilities.

“I am a Naval Architect in the project development department in Wärtsilä Ship Design,” explains Jon. “My main responsibility is to optimise the seagoing capabilities of new vessel designs, such as speed, manoeuvring, stability and energy consumption.”

Even though he is a newcomer, Jon has already been involved in most stages of development for new vessel designs in many different segments and purposes. He hopes to be an innovator coming up with new solutions.

“What I enjoy the most is to have the opportunity to work with exciting new projects involving sustainable, modern technology along with a bunch of great colleagues,” says Jon.

Making ships seaworthy

“My typical workday involves doing calculations and analyses, internal design meetings and meetings with ship owners or clients,” he says. “Sometimes I travel to shipyards to participate in inclining tests or sea trials of vessels.”

An inclining test determines a ship’s stability, lightship weight and centre of gravity. The test procedures are carried out under strict standards, and his first such test turned out to be a memorable event for Jon.

“One of my colleagues and I performed an inclining test at a shipyard,” he explains. “This was the first test where I was in charge and it was challenging and very rewarding to master it. I like the type of challenges when you are tested not only academically, but also on other personal abilities.”

The future Wärtsilä

As a native Norwegian and holding an MSc. in Marine Technology, Jon has a unique outlook on ship-building.

“From my perspective, Wärtsilä has proved to be able to benefit from the strictest maritime environmental regulations and make business opportunities out of them,” he says. “I think that is a good way to stay ahead.”

He sees the future Wärtsilä as a big and trusted player. Markets will change dramatically, but robust and innovative players, such as Wärtsilä, will be in demand.

“I am currently involved in a project where we recently got a design contract in a new market. That has been very interesting and challenging,” says Jon. “I hope I can bring new ideas, enthusiasm and flexibility to our team. Wärtsilä has introduced me to a professional and innovative culture. It is a place where I can truly say I am proud to work.”

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