Plant Manager, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Jakarta, Indonesia

2 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Indonesia


Power (plant) of togetherness

The most important task of Purwanto, Wärtsilä’s Plant Manager in Jakarta, is to spread motivational atmosphere within his team. “As a Plant Manager, it’s my responsibility to ensure we as a team develop ourselves and that we have always the newest knowledge. This is how I ensure my team members have the motivation to be successful in their jobs and perform each activity as well as possible,” Purwanto begins.

At the power plant, Purwanto’s team has the responsibility over the overall plant operations and maintenance – meaning that they run the power plant on behalf of Wärtsilä’s customer and ensure it is managed as agreed. “Our work is to follow up and keep the operations normal. But then there are maintenance needs – and even service breaks – when I’m the one to accelerate the work so that we get it done quickly and precisely, not harming the customer’s business.”

Purwanto joined Wärtsilä in 2017 as he wanted to take on a new, more challenging job. Ever since, he has worked as an inspirational force among employees with a clear goal in his head: to ensure employees around him remember they’re Wärtsilä’s most valuable assets. “A clear dream both for my personal career and for the company’s development, helps me to stay enthusiastic. I’m confident that all our colleagues ‘can do’ as long as they ‘want to’ try. So, I remind my team every day with these words: ‘we can, and we are great’.”

Clearly, Purwanto has a clear mission for the future but how does he see Wärtsilä developing within the upcoming years? To stay victorious, Purwanto anticipates that Wärtsilä must continue to be brave in innovating and making changes in every step. “Clarifying the goals together is also important. Wärtsilä – and our goals – will for sure evolve now that we’re enjoying even tighter teamwork within teams, between various functions as well as with customers and other stakeholders beyond Wärtsilä.”

Purwanto is truly full of fresh spirit of togetherness: their team wants to do well together, and it comes visible in many very concrete ways. “I teach fitness exercises to my team. Having the shared good feeling after exercise is a great way to enjoy the togetherness. Every Friday morning, I remind that it is a healthy Friday, a clean Friday and a cheerful Friday.” Besides sports, the team has been conducting charity work at a church nearby.

All this makes it obvious that Purwanto is committed to both his social responsibility as an individual and the responsibility he has as a team leader. “In my everyday actions, I show the respect that I feel for my leaders, my team and customers. For example, my line manager, Mr Kamal Pasya is great as he always helps me to find solutions – whereas, on the customer side I get support for programs that our team proposes,” Purwanto says gratefully.

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