Prashanth Nanjappa

Solution Architect, HRI, Business Control and Strategy , Wärtsilä Information Management

Mangalore, India

2 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from India


Learn-improve-contribute cycle keeps moving forward

When working as a consultant at Accenture, Prashanth Nanjappa had Wärtsilä as his major client for three years. When a successful project led to another and it was clear the rapport with Wärtsilä counterparts were excellent, Prashanth officially decided to become a Wärtsillian. “I wanted to get more personally attached after 12 years in consulting and decided to change to Wärtsilä,” he explains his transition to the organisation. Currently, he is working as a Solution Architect in Human Resource Information (HRI) systems.

The consultancy work through Accenture and all the responsibilities taught Prashanth a lot about Wärtsilä, its culture and visions already before he joined the company. Consequently, that made him more than happy to continue the work towards the visions inside the company. “Even if I primarly work with HR matters, I’ve had the opportunity to gain understanding on the big picture and contribute across platforms thanks to my colleagues’ trust and support. As of today, I’m proud member of a core team  which is determined to bring HR tools and technologies to the new frontier. I appreciate the fact that I’m able to contribute to Wärtsilä’s vision and values by their actual implementation in collaboration with different parties. It’s impressive to see these parties striving towards common positive direction without allowing any personal motives or prejudices to intervene,” he says proudly.

As for all Wärtsilians, also in the HR function, it is important to envision the future and be able to grow and improve own talent in finding new innovations, solutions and improvements. With this note, it is obvious that some personal characteristics are needed in order to be able to create constantly evolving solutions. “I am inquisitive yet patient, and this duality gives me the ability to perpetuate the learn-improve-contribute cycle. This cycle is an enhanced concept of continuous improvement that I internalised during my years with Accenture – I’ve developed it further with my experiences and adopted in working life,” Prashanth says about his perseverance. “In practice, the first step in the cycle is to ‘learn’, which can happen in situations where things have been said or done disregarding the core business objectives. I have learned to notice when things go sideways and be more efficient is bringing the focus back on the targets and to improve and contribute to the future,” he says.

And when talking about the future, Prashanth has a clear vision of how Wärtsilä should act on the changes. “Change is inevitable and in my opinion, we have realised that it is better to proactively steer the change than reactively trying to adapt to it. That is something I am proud of and I think is a more effective approach to the future,” he concludes.

Working in a multicultural company brings cultures together and also teaches a lot about each other's habits. “I am born and brought up in a tropical climate and I find it very fascinating when colleagues in Finland tell me that they jump into cold lakes or swam in the icy seas voluntarily. It scares me every time I get an invitation to these kinds of activities, but I feel proud to have friends and colleagues with such diverse personalities and cultures. We do make the workdays fun for each other,“ Prashanth says humorously. After gentle workdays with these multicultural colleagues, Prashanth either listens or creates music in his free-time, “Music is like oxygen to me, I enjoy creating electronic music as much as I do acoustic jamming with friends”.

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