Pieter Groot

Account Manager, Sales, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Halifax, Canada

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Netherlands


Say what you do and do what you say

Pieter Groot has worked in marine services for the whole of his work life. Currently, he is serving Wärtsilä's customers as their first point of contact on aftermarket sales products and services as an Account Manager.

Years back, when he was thinking of the next step in his career, he got only two requirements, “I was leaving an active career at sea within the merchant navy and wanted to work for a company that would allow me to work in international service with a product that I could fully represent. That is how I ended up here in Wärtsilä. My first position was as a Commission Engineer for Wärtsilä 28 engines that are gas engines for power plants.”

Pieter has worked for Wärtsilä in two sections. He started in Wärtsila Netherlands where he was working for the first seven years. After a little pause, he started in Wärtsilä Norway and after 2,5 years he moved to Canada.

As Pieter has started in Wärtsilä twice, one is keen to know what brought him back to the company. “When I was working for other companies, I constantly compared their way of working with Wärtsilä, for instance within automation or processes. I realised that Wärtsilä has a lot of things to be proud of. Now when back in Marine Business in Wärtsilä, I’m proud to be the part of my team, the offering we have and the continuous development we are proceeding,” he answers proudly.

A man of his words

As a co-worker, Pieter is a trustworthy fellow, “I’ll try to live my personal motto every day: ’Say what you do and do what you say’. Living by this motto is sometimes uncomfortable and even unlikely to succeed but the constant level of achievements I am able to deliver gives me energy – every day.” This motto becomes especially valuable when something unexpected happens and situations get more stressful.

“Once, while working in the field as a commissioning engineer, we found a problem in the engine’s gas supply. The finding was made after 14 hours workday and it took another 10 hours to figure out what was wrong. That day taught me that no matter what you think you are trained for, there might always be a surprise factor that you are not encompassed for – such as fatigue in this case. It is important to stay vigilant to external factors and to look for the bigger picture before acting.”

People of Wärtsilä are widely present in all continents and according to Pieter, Wärtsilians seem to share a surprisingly similar identity. “We have established a united Wärtsilä look and feel no matter where you are at. Personally, I have visited Wärtsilä in Europe, Russia, China, USA and now in my new homeland Canada. Amazingly we are all the same and speak the Wärtsilä language as one big family! I have made friends for life within Wärtsilä and I’ve seen people both actively changing and being perfectly happy in where they are and what they do,” Pieter describes the life in Wärtsilä and continues: “During my stay here, I have also noticed that the more intense tasks and challenges are ahead, the closer people in the team get. For instance, the team in the Halifax office is small, but the group spirit is always 100% supportive.”

Playing together for the common target is important. According to Pieter, Wärtsilä will stay ahead of the game and play in the top league as long as it masters to re-invent itself over and over again. “Wärtsilä's role in the future is to do exactly that: innovate and make innovation available to the market. Will there be a complete product shift? It's possible. Will there be a complete segment shift? It's possible. Will Wärtsilä be involved in space projects? It's also possible. By no means, is Wärtsilä limited by boundaries or borders, innovation will lead the way,” Pieter envisions the future for the company that has changed focus from products to solutions and now to ecosystems delivering smart systems to industry.  

As Pieter’s motto shows, he himself is quite target-oriented and therefore, his tips for relaxation don’t come as a surprise. “I keep myself energised simply by accomplishing everything I have planned for each day. Getting positive feedback from the delivered result is energising, in addition to a couple of daily fruits eaten,“ he says smiling.

For Pieter being this target oriented, nature is an important element to balance the sometimes hectic work life. ”One of the luxuries of living in Canada is that my home is at a lake. There is nothing more relaxing than a warm summer evening enjoying the water, the view and the animals around. My spouse and I also like to travel around with a tent trailer and discover new territories. Besides that, I love to spend my free time on the hills alpine skiing in the winter.”

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