Team story

Parts Coordination Management team, Wärtsilä Parts Services

Ft. Lauderdale, USA

2 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from around the world


Persistence is our strength

Together we’re stronger and achieve even more impressive results. And as the 185X campaign is winding down, we wanted to finish off the anniversary year by showcasing some of our awesome teams. This story is about one of those teams.

Sometimes, Craig David Lourenco wishes he had a crystal ball. Leading one of Wärtsilä’s Parts Coordination Management (PCM) team in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA, Craig sees more and more changes in the world and within Wärtsilä. “Our team's role has developed a lot in one year, for example in the amount of follow-up we do with Wärtsilä’s customers and how we proactively aim to understand more of their business – we need to see things before they happen,” says Craig adding that he would describe the team as Wärtsilä ambassador team with vision.

Four years ago, one major transformation took place in the team’s work scope when Wärtsilä combined all spare part activities under one global end-to-end organisation to enhance customer’s experience when processing of their quotations, orders, deliveries and claims. Now, Craig’s team – including Pam Price, Gabriel Lopez Marrero, Stephanie Acuria, Maureen Fiallo, Christine Buvet and Marshall Braden – handle spare part requests for U.S customers, serving both their Wärtsilä colleagues and customers in the marine and energy industries.

“After the spare part program, our role definitely expanded. Now, we're seeing the end-to-end process and get to work with all Wärtsilä's product lines and be in direct contact with our customers,” says Pam.

Now, with the expanded work scope, the team members lean on each other more to get things done. Years of working together ensure they share a comfortable atmosphere, where it’s easy to ask for help. Gabriel says, “It’s great to have this versatile team. When I have questions about spare part claims, I often turn to Marshall and when I need help with supply or customer communications, I go to Maureen or Christine. If it's tax documentation, I go to Stephanie.”

Not only is everyone in this team good at giving advice but they also share the love for great meals. “We’re all foodies! This team keeps things light-hearted, and we enjoy other activities such as bowling, while not working. We often share personal matters, so if I ever lose my way, I know I’ll find it within this team,” says Christine.


Shared feeling of relief and accomplishment

The PCM team gets motivated by challenges and hence, the team’s persistence may be its biggest strength. “When you’re able to step into the shoes of another person – understand what is going on at their end and see their urgent need – then you're able to visualise what you did and feel the relief, accomplishment and reward in a greater way when you succeed. As a team the feeling of accomplishment helps drive us forward to look for solutions,” says Stephanie.

And according to Craig, the persistence is paying off. His team is always able to find solutions and follows through to ensure those solutions work. “It’s also possible that the team has inherited that persistence from Wärtsilä culture,” tells Gabriel, “In general, people in Wärtsilä are determined to find solutions. It’s not an option to come up with excuses. This attitude makes us proactive in our daily work,” Gabriel adds.

Every day, the team gets to come up with new kinds of solutions as the situations, needs and customers differ. For example, where power plants are standing still, vessels are not – which makes spare part coordination quite different for both energy and marine customers.

Still, in every situation, the PCM team has the best interest of the customer in mind. “Sometimes it may require work during weekends, but it's worth it. It’s always nice when we hear positive feedback from our customers,” says Marshall, “we’ve even had customers provide feedback surveys thanking us for our services and support”.

Positive comments are also heard from Wärtsilians who get to collaborate with this team. “I'm very proud for the relationships my team members have established. They know Wärtsilä’s experts all over the world and get help from Wärtsilians in the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, UK, Italy – you name it,” Craig says. This support is needed as PCM is a link between Wärtsilä and the customer, they must have a good understanding of when the spare parts are available and where they’re going. “I believe my team members can spread positivity around them and their way of working can be an example to many people,” Craig adds.

Working in this Wärtsilä-customer-interface, this team is capable of proposing solutions that are in the best interest for both Wärtsilä and the customer. “For instance, when we have meetings to plan the overhauls together with the customer’s engineers, we get to work things out together,” says Maureen.

This direct contact is for sure making things more efficient – but what about the future? What else does the team expect to see in this ‘crystal ball’?

Even without the crystal ball, Craig encourages the importance of growth in different skills not only as individuals but also as a team. Wärtsilä is innovative. There is always something new coming up, such as the arising automation opportunities. Our team needs to keep an open mind to all changes, adapt and be flexible in everything we do.”

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