Paul Rutere

Operations Manager, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Nairobi, Kenya

17 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Kenya


Keeping the customer’s power plant running smoothly

Since joining Wärtsilä, Paul Rutere has been involved in the power plant operations, developing his career first from a Plant Operator role into a Shift Supervisor. Now, Paul is holding the position of Operations Manager which means it is his responsibility to ensure that the customer’s power plant is running smoothly every day. “My day-to-day work entails planning and executing plant operation activities to ensure that the plant runs according to what Wärtsilä has agreed with the customer, meeting both contractual obligations and dispatch requirements from the grid,” Paul explains.

For Paul, there are some key elements that make working for Wärtsilä so convenient. “Wärtsilä offers a conducive working environment that allows a person to pursue his career development dreams. On top of that, the company goals are clear, which enables me to align my actions towards achieving them,” he describes.

One of the most memorable moments in Paul’s career has been the inauguration of the first power plant in Kenya, known as Kipevu II. This plant was installed and operated by Wärtsilä, paving the way for other similar projects in the region. “Through the great performance of Kipevu II, Wärtsilä was able to convince many more customers in Eastern Africa to invest in our solutions. I was part of the team that commissioned and operated Kipevu II – so it feels extremely good to think that our team’s great work contributed to Wärtsilä’s growth in the region.”

With Wärtsilä’s evolving technology and the need for clean environment, Paul expects Wärtsilä to become a leader in green energy solutions. “I’m sure that Wärtsilä will be a player to count on also in the future. What keeps the company vital is our ability to change according to market needs. As an example, our ways of working keep evolving and there are improved tools that enable employees to fulfill their objectives. Even if change is always present, my task as a team leader is to ensure that my team in the power plant remains focused and is ready to deliver.”

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