Sarah Hjortman

Senior Manager, Strategy & BD in MPS effective

Trieste, Italy

11 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


On a very exciting path with Wärtsilä

Sarah Hjortman started working for Wärtsilä when she was writing her Master Thesis in Supply Management in Shanghai, China. That time, she had already spent two years in Taiwan and China studying Asian Business Culture and Chinese and was interested in finding a Finnish company expanding their establishment in the region. “Wärtsilä took me on-board a very exciting journey, which I am still enthusiastically following.”

After her years in China, she joined a large global project on inventory management, and was relocated in Italy, there she later progressed her career to Project and Portfolio Manager for Wärtsilä’s Operational Development Projects related to Industrial Operations. A bit later, Sarah moved over to the Customer Delivery Process, and eventually over to Services as Senior Operational Development Expert. She stayed some years in Finland, but eventually her personal path took her back to Italy. In the wave of moving over to Italy she decided to embark on new career possibilities and moved into Strategy, where she is still today, working as a Senior Manager, Strategy and Business Development in Marine Power Solutions.

On a typical workday, Sarah starts off with a 30 minutes status check on ongoing topics with her team, and then gets into action. “We support the organisation with their business and function strategies, and the support requested varies. Sometimes it is about making an analytical deep dive into some specific topic, sometimes it is about preparing communication materials giving the strategic direction, and other days it is about preparing or facilitating strategy workshops.“

What Sarah loves about Wärtsilä, is the opportunity that is given to learn and grow within the company, and all the fantastic professional and hardworking people, that together make Wärtsilä what it is today.

Sarah sees that Wärtsilä is on a very exciting path, considering what is happening in the market and the opportunity Wärtsilä has to really play a key role in the industry, shaping the renewable energy and zero carbon future. She wants to be part of the strategic decision making and execution, supporting top and bottom line growth, both organically and inorganically. “One thing is for sure, we are a player to count on in the future marine and energy industry.“

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