Omar Kindo

Manager, Field Services Operations, Services Unit West Africa, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Dakar, Senegal

3 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Niger


Openness creates value in the team

Omar Kindo, Field Services Operations Manager in Wärtsilä Services Unit West Africa (including Senegal, Nigeria and Cameroon) was inspired to apply to Wärtsilä due to the opportunity to widen his energy network in Africa. Wärtsilä was his first choice as the company has such a strong presence in the energy sector of the continent. In his current role, Omar is leading and managing field services operations which in practice means handling the service orders: from creating the job order to invoicing it.

My work includes monitoring and ensuring the cost efficiency and the profitability of the service orders. I follow and assign activities and the team as well as lead them in accordance with Wärtsilä’s strategies to reach our quality and efficiency targets. In addition, I need to ensure our customers’ expectations – and satisfaction – are in line with our quality, health, safety and environmental standards,” he opens up his wide responsibility area. “In my task, I am also participating the overall follow-up of the action plan and development of Wärtsilä’s Field Services resources.”

Even if Omar’s earlier work experience in the industry supports him in the daily activities, there is always something new and surprising that might come on the way. “One of the memorable days was in March 2017 when a customer called me on a Friday evening informing that they have concerns over one of their engines and asked for our urgent support. Together with my team, I managed to get an engineer flying to the site over the night to make an inspection and to bring a subcontractor over the weekend as well. By Tuesday, the engine was back on operations. This was a very quick mobilisation from our team,” he describes the situation. “ Also the customer was impressed by our good coordination and prompt actions. It is always great to see a happy and satisfied customer but this is a special success case that I think about every now and then.”

Satisfied customers are something that keep Omar motivated and what he enjoys the most when working with Wärtsilä. “It’s great to innovate, find, and provide new integrated solutions for our customers while responding to their needs.” Another factor that keeps him coming to work each day are the people in the company. “ The good team spirit is very important. I also appreciate the good collaboration between the teams. Everybody is helpful and ready to support a colleague even from a distance and from a completely different function or department!” Omar smiles.

As a matter of fact, Omar has made his share in developing this collaboration within Wärtsilians. ”When I joined Wärtsilä, I wanted to ensure the quality of our work and hence put a lot of focus to motivate our engineers in the field,” Omar says. “We started paying more attention to trust-building within the teams and the line managers begun to empower and support the engineers more. Now, we have developed an open atmosphere where feedback is given openly, often and bilaterally and ideas flow from our engineers to the team leaders. We also paid attention to the customer-centricity and as a result, we have a really good and motivated team that knows how to listen people at the customer organisations,” Omar says about the development and successes in his team. “ I thank my earlier experience and skills which helped me to empower the engineers and strengthen the trust of many customers. During these three years, many of our service engineers have got more confidence in their skills and have successfully accomplished some more challenging work assignments they would have not even taken in the past,” he concludes the three-year process they’ve had in the team.

As noticed in the process; communication, trust and people led the way to success. Omar believes these are the key factors Wärtsilä needs to sustain in order to strengthen its position as the innovation leader. “Well-being of humans and the environment being our current focus points, innovation is the key building block for the company's evolution and keeping us in the head of sustainable development both in marine and energy sector. With my experiences, skills, stamina and flexibility, I see myself developing within the sustainability targets and playing a key role in the development. Especially since I'm operating in Africa, a part of the world where we still have much to do and where you need to know how the ways of working and needs differ between the nations and customers.“

Omar wants to also bring up customer centricity as one of the key attributes that continue to be important in the future, “In the Field Services, we are here for our customers and therefore our job is to keep adding value for them with our expertise and solutions. A service job that is well done, keeps me energised throughout the day.“

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