Nilson Batanelo

Plant Maintenance Engineer, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Willemstad, Curacao

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Colombia


Transferring knowhow to the new power plant operators

Nilson Batanelo’s time at Wärtsilä has been a journey of constant career development. “I started as an Operations Assistant at Wärtsilä and today I am a Plant Maintenance Engineer. My path has been a path of continuous growth and now I am in Curacao sharing my experience and knowledge to the new operators of Wärtsilä power plants,” Nilson tells.

In his role, arriving at the facilities early in the morning is important to find out how the power plant operations functioned during the night. Nilson needs to be fully aware of the potential maintenance plan for that day and define what actions could be executed to improve the reliability of the equipment. “After that I will go with the operators to perform a field inspection for the Wärtsilä motors and according to the findings, notifications are defined for the maintenance area. In the afternoon, I have a meeting with the plant managers to learn about the advances and operational news of the day.”

When it comes to Wärtsilä, Nilson really enjoys its people who are full of enthusiasm and optimism with the vision of continuous improvement. “My main contribution to Wärtsilä is teaching the new plant operators to value and preserve Wärtsilä engines and their auxiliary equipment through a safe and reliable operation, without taking the equipment beyond their operational limits, as the aim is to maintain a high reliability of the plant and facilities.”

During his career at Wärtsilä, Nilson highlights one important turning point. “In 2014, I decided to return to work in the power plant facilities after being a Field Service Engineer. I remember that I had to negotiate my return and Wärtsilä supported me in this decision to become a Plant Maintenance Engineer.”

Nilson sees that Wärtsilä has innovated in making engines and their accessories more efficient in combustion. Additionally, the company has developed in new business areas within clean energy such as energy storage systems and developments in the marine area. “Wärtsilä has changed through integrating the networks, which allows the company to be more global – if you need something or a person from a neighbouring country, you can request for it quickly and receive a solution fast. Additionally, Wärtsilä has used technology to make the life of our field engineers easier, as they can access internal tools from any computer and with mobile applications that facilitate reporting.”

“Within the next 15 years, I see Wärtsilä holding the business of the ships and cruises of the world but growing in the area of clean energy in power plants with cutting-edge technologies. In this process, I see myself growing in technical support for operations and maintenance of new facilities around the world.”

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