Field Service Coordinator, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Jakarta, Indonesia

16 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Indonesia


Innovation and life-long service are the keys to success


Nasrullah, a Field Service Coordinator from Indonesia, has worked at Wärtsilä for an admirable 16 years. In a way, he feels like following in the career footsteps of his father, who used to be a Mechanic. Now, Nasrullah gives us a glimpse of his work and thoughts.

“I started as a Junior Service Engineer at Wärtsilä many years ago and currently, I am working with service business lifecycle. I manage and coordinate service jobs internally and supervise the service engineers on the field,” Nasrullah begins.

“To do even better, I see that customers will appreciate our ‘as-a-service’ direction, where we are able to answer customers’ needs even more accurately.”

“Currently, Wärtsilä is leading the power competition with its new gas engine. To stay ahead of the game, when other competitors will be building up their capabilities, we need to continue focusing on innovation, and delivering better service to build customer trust.

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