Nahida Akhtar

Senior Coordinator, Parts & Logistics, Wärtsilä

Dhaka, Bangladesh

1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Bangladesh


Knowledge, motivation and technological advancement helping in the pursuit of productivity and performance

Nahida Akhtar’s first day with Wärtsilä in September 2018 gave her a clear snapshot of what it will be like to work with the company. Especially, she got a lot of energy and inspiration from the line manager’s assurance of the support of the whole team to pave a way to success. “I felt very welcomed and respected immediately. In addition, I sensed the excitement and high work morale in the team when I was introduced to all my new colleagues,” Nahida tells.

After having similar responsibilities in another company, Nahida was confident when starting in this new role, Senior Coordinator, Parts and Logistics in Wärtsilä. Still, at the same time, she was certain that the new company could teach her a lot about the marine and energy industries. “I saw joining Wärtsilä as a great opportunity to grow, while I’d be learning ins and outs of the two businesses,” she adds.

Since joining Wärtsilä, Nahida has already come across a lot of new ideas and development in the company. All this has helped deepen her understanding of the major ecosystem the company engages with, and she is also more capable to anticipate the approaching new innovations in the industries.

“I believe Wärtsilians can have a major role in the future innovations. We’re significantly increasing our speed of re-invention; not just internally but in cooperation with our customers and partners. We have the will, the technological prowess and the ecosystem-thinking to make zero-emission a reality. Every step forward feels like a small victory,” Nahida tells.

On this journey, Nahida feels that Wärtsilä’s intensified focus on safety, sustainable innovations and data analytics are taking the world’s development in the right direction.


Ambassador of happy workplaces

In Wärtsilä’s Parts and Logistics function, Nahida gets to cooperate with Wärtsilä’s customers and her Wärtsilä colleagues. “In my role, I manage spare parts queries from customers and our own sales support teams all the way to delivery of the products or services,” she tells.

The collaboration with colleagues in sales, technology and all relevant departments smoothens Nahida’s daily work. But on top of that, she has some colleagues with whom she has been working since her first day at Wärtsilä. And as Nahida tells, they share a lot of fun moments together – this casual atmosphere has a positive impact on her productivity and engagement.

“I believe that a positive work environment makes employees feel good at work. It is a great way for individuals to learn more about each other’s personal traits, likes, dislikes and develop unspoken habits and rules that aid mutual understanding. There is mutual respect among all employees which is something I like about Wärtsilä;” Nahida describes the collaboration in the team.

Thinking about what Nahida’s colleagues have learnt about her during the first year, it’s most likely that Nahida has excellent teamwork and communication skills as well as cultural knowledge.

“I hope my colleagues have already noticed that I’m self-motivated and very analytical. My flexibility and adaptability in nature are an asset to my work, and that helps me in delivering the best customer experience I can,” Nahida tells about her own personal traits and strengths as the topic comes up.

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