Morten Kjær

Spare Part Manager & Account Manager, Spare Part Sales Wärtsilä Denmark and Norway

Nørresundby, Denmark

25 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Denmark


Proud to be a Wärtsilian

During his 25 years career at Wärtsilä, Morten Kjær has witnessed several milestones and developments that have played crucial roles in Wärtsilä’s history.

“I started back in 1993 in our warehouse in Hirtshals where Wärtsilä at that time was running a ship repair yard on top of our core businesses. It was a fantastic way for me, as a young man, not only to get insight into the amazing marine business in general but also into Wärtsilä’s activities from the very front line. After a few years between the shelves, and a short period as a Purchaser, I moved on to Spare Part Sales. In my role as a Spare Part Coordinator, I got the opportunity to take part in SAP implementation when Wärtsilä first introduced it in 1998. As a matter of fact, I created the very first SAP spare part invoice – and I still have it in my office.”

Morten has an admirable attitude towards change; he sees changes as opportunities and emphasises that all of us have the power to decide how we perceive the change. “As most of our colleagues know, the changes we have seen in different areas during the years have been significant. Therefore, next time we are facing major changes either in the global markets or in our own organisation, we should remember that we are a company with a change culture. I believe that nowadays everyone, both companies and individuals, must change – both professionally and privately – and I am very confident that we at Wärtsilä are very skilled at this.”

Morten emphasises that he has always been lucky to have line managers who have encouraged him to join many kinds of projects and pilots. “Cooperating with hundreds of colleagues from every part of the company and every part of the world has been a life experience and given me insights into many areas and functions of our company. I have established strong and valuable professional relations as well as good friendships. Having a leg in both spare parts and service sales has given me the opportunity to gain a more holistic view of our company than if I had been in one of these roles only.”

Morten thinks that the next five years will be decisive in terms of what Wärtsilä will look like in the future. His belief is that for some years now, Wärtsilä has been proactively setting the digital pace for itself and it has joined the industry first movers. “I think that in five years from now we will know if we managed to label ourselves as one of the companies that successfully got on the train on time, or if we will have to desperately fight to keep up with our competitors and disruptive innovation that ran ahead. Obviously, our high digital focus aims to keep us up-to-date in today’s rapidly changing society.”

“I am proud to be part of a company that not only has a high focus on the environment but is also able to impact it – directly and significantly. Personally, the environment is very important to me, and I find it very meaningful to experience alignment between company and personal values.”

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