Miguel Sanchez

Director, Services Unit Mediterranean & Atlantic

Bilbao, Spain

26 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Spain


The future is brighter with constantly developing teams 

Miguel Sanchez, Director in Services Unit Mediterranean and Atlantic, has worked in many different positions during his impressive 26 years career in Wärtsilä. He believes that the company culture is one of the key reasons for not only Wärtsilä’s success, but also for the company’s ability to retain its best talent in-house. “The strong company culture and continuous innovations are the solid backbones of Wärtsilä. Working together with many excellent professionals and supportive colleagues has encouraged me to develop and also helped me to enjoy the work throughout the years,” says Miguel proudly.

The atmosphere of openness and all the opportunities to grow professionally in Wärtsilä are important aspects for Miguel in his work life. In 2001, Miguel moved from the engine factory to service business and he still remembers his first days clearly, as most of the team members from the beginning of his career have become very close friends. “Teamwork, family sense of belonging and learning every day are very motivating aspects that I have been enjoying since day one at Wärtsilä,”says Miguel.

Miguel is really proud of his team and explains what defines teamwork in his mind: “Transparency, flexibility and positivity are characteristics I believe in. These charasteristics form a solid base where it is easy to build a good team and work together with colleagues from different teams as one big family in which everyone supports each other and works towards the best possible solutions. The success stories are made together, and a good team supports each person to add her or his own value to the team in the best possible way”.                                                                             

Over the years, Miguel has seen a major positive change in his colleagues’ mindset. “People’s mindset and Wärtsilä’s company culture have been really transformed as we moved from a local to a global playfield. The focus has also changed from working in silos to working together in a cooperative environment. The innovation spirit that lies in Wärtsilä’s DNA is now infused into all teams and activities, and that keeps us improving continuously,” he says enthusiastically.

The future is in Wärtsilä’s hands as Miguel puts it: “In the future, Wärtsilä will be the market shaper, not only from a technology perspective but also from a customer co-creation mindset. My aim is to support the development towards this direction in the best possible way – by combining past experiences and eagerness to innovate for the future. We need to be brave and experiment with new ideas and concepts.

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