Paulina Márquez Albuja

HR Coordinator, ANDES

Quito, Ecuador

6 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Ecuador


Mentoring, knowledge sharing and inspiring

Paulina Márquez Albuja’s journey in Wärtsilä started in 2012 as a Human Resources (HR) Area Trainee when she was 22 years old. After one year, she focused on standardisation of human resources strategies, processes and policies as a Human Resources Coordinator.

In 2016, Paulina had an opportunity to participate in a job rotation in USA. She found the opportunity really exciting as the culture, needs and solutions were completely different from her home country Ecuador. “It was a great opportunity to learn and improve my skills as an HR professional, while also sharing the knowledge, add value and collaborate out of our scope or areas of influence.”

During 2017 she started working with Operational Excellence where she was nominated to lead the recruitment project at the Area Americas level. Paulina sees that the improvement process across an entire Area was challenging but, above all, rewarding. “It has been really exciting to work with people in different countries, learn, interact and achieve more across different cultures. The HR process evaluation was needed to remind ourselves and to open our eyes to the ultimate purpose of our operations in supporting our internal customers in the most valuable way.”

Currently, Paulina is focused more on Talent Management working on ideas and actions to keep and retain our talent which will allow us to continue making Wärtsilä an employer of choice.

She emphasises how she truly enjoys working in an intercultural environment where she can share and get relevant information from the other sides of the world. Openness to explore digital tools is a key motivator for her because she sees that an innovation is a result from combining technology and information. “I really like the way that Wärtsilä motivates young talents to contribute with ideas and projects.”

“For me the greatest contribution that a person can do is knowledge sharing, and that is the reason why I´m constantly trying to share my learning and ways of working. When you have an openness to contribute with your capabilities, you can get amazing results. Also, when you are in a constant contact with your colleagues you can engage them to work together as one Wärtsilä.”

She believes that Wärtsilä will grow up outside the traditional business on energy or marine solutions. “I see Wärtsilä as a SMART technology company that focuses on renewable energy and solar solutions. In the future, Wärtsilä will have more diverse teams that will allow us to solve customers' needs even more efficiently; innovation will not only come from engineering areas, it will come from the Wärtsilä community where we have the opportunity to experience new ideas and projects on a daily basis.”

Paulina is passionate about her job and her plan is to acquire more in-depth knowledge of the new industry. Her aim, in 15 years, is to be a mentor for the new and young generations by sharing her innovation mindset and promoting the 'One Wärtsilä' mentality to unlock their potential.

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