Melvin Mathews

Director, New Businesses, Wärtsilä Voyage Solutions

London, United Kingdom

2 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from India



Sea captain navigating towards bluer ocean

In his previous life, Melvin Mathews, Director of New Businesses in Wärtsilä Voyage Solutions, used to be a sea captain.

When he decided to move from sea to shore, Melvin joined Eniram as he wanted to work for a start-up-kind technology company. Later, he joined Wärtsilä when Eniram was acquired in 2016. Even if Melvin enjoyed the start-up culture, so does he enjoy his new role, where he is able influence the direction of Wärtsilä Voyage Solutions business.

“In the case of Voyage Solutions, what keeps me here is literally the freedom of finding business values in places where most people think it doesn’t exist or something is hard to do. It involves a lot of imagination, rethinking things, sandboxing and most importantly working with an amazing team of energetic, multi-skilled, very bright – sometimes opinionated – and really focused and self-driven bunch of people.”

Listen to Melvin’s podcast to hear how his and the company’s purposes are aligned, where he sees Wärtsilä Voyage Solutions developing in the future and how he envisions the future of shipping.

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