Avelino Salvante Jr.

Proposals Team Leader

Cabuyao, Philippines

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Philippines


Meet the troubleshooter

Never stop learning is the mantra that Avelino Salvante Jr. swears by as he builds his career at Wärtsilä Philippines as the Proposals Team Leader. Read about how he uses this philosophy to help his team get to their optimum levels.

A poet, a collector of coins, an avid chess player, a cyclist and one dedicated team leader – 36-year old Avelino Salvante Jr. also known as Ave is a man of many talents.

He started his career in Wärtsilä Philippines as a Field Service Engineer and acquired tremendous experience in the repair, testing and commissioning of control systems and other electrical equipment, before moving to the Sales team where he is now the Proposals Team Leader.

“As part of my role, I identify, promote and develop leads for recommendation to the Service Sales team,” explains Ave. “My current role represents a new challenge, one that will help me further develop my skills and move out of my comfort zone.”

Always be learning

As the Proposals Team Leader, it is his responsibility to oversee the quality of the proposals created and the generation of targeted sales leads. However, as a team leader, his bigger responsibility is to ensure that his team is trained and equipped to handle the unexpected. And that is something he is proud of.

“I do what I can to support and coach the proposals engineers who work in my team. This includes providing them with hands-on training, continuous development of their skill sets, and new tools and templates to improve their ways of working,” he explains.

In this, Ave is motivated by his own experiences at Wärtsilä, and the support he received early in his career.

“The Wärtsilä environment is very conducive to learning and a lot of information is available to employees to develop themselves. Having joined the firm fresh from college, I am indebted to my senior colleagues for mentoring and coaching me,” he explains.

However, Ave doesn’t identify himself as a team leader and sees himself as more of a troubleshooter, one who helps keep day-to-day activities moving smoothly.

The path to greatness

“My typical workday involves meeting with my colleagues, providing technical details and helping them. I like to listen to the challenges they face and offer constructive feedback and solutions,” he says.” The feeling you get when you and your team collectively complete a task is what keeps me going.”

His troubleshooting skills proved to be of use when a customer got in touch to solve a problem.

“Their equipment was reporting under voltage. Two other contractors had already visited them and failed to resolve the issue,” explains Ave. “Through the use of a structured elimination process, my team and I were able to finally pinpoint the issue and fix it quickly.”

Needless to say, the customer was impressed with the quick turnaround, and Ave and his team could relax knowing that they had done their job well.

Ave credits his growth and the skills he has learnt to the enabling environment at Wärtsilä, one which he says allows him to learn from different people from different cultures.

Going forward, he sees more opportunities to grow his technical knowledge and management skills, especially as Wärtsilä continues to digitalise.

“There has been a lot of changes at Wärtsilä and I can see that the company is adapting quickly to technological advancements,” says Ave. “I foresee that Wärtsilä will be the global leader in energy and marine industries while developing sustainable products and solutions for digitalisation and renewables.”

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