Massimiliano Deltreppo

Sales Manager, Product Sales, Area Americas, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Trieste, Italy

19 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Italy


Magic happens in cooperation

Massimiliano Deltreppo started his career at Wärtsilä in the turn of the millennium. Soon after his studies in electrical engineering, he joined the Wärtsilä family just after the acquisition of Grandi Motori Trieste. Massimiliano’s career path has taken him far from those times; he started his journey as an Assembly Engineer but moved very soon to the Field Service to work as a ‘flying engineer’, which in practice meant that he started to spend a lot of time abroad, mainly onboard vessels maintaining existing equipment and getting new marine applications ready for their launch.

Being in close contact with customer operations since his early days with the company has helped Massimiliano later when he joined the sales team in 2012. “I still spend a lot of time with our customers but on a different level. Still, also today technical details are part of our discussions. Bottom line, we need to speak the same language as our customers. In order to be successful, we need to deliver them value that they naturally expect from us – constantly. Otherwise they will go elsewhere if we don’t sustain and develop our services accordingly. We need to continuously listen and learn from them. For instance, how their business operates, what are the struggles they face, what synergies we have. It’s the co-creation spirit, new ideas and value creation that we look to develop based on their needs,” Massimiliano describes the customer engagement seeming clearly excited. “What makes it more exciting is that today, we have a very broad and extensive offering portfolio and we find already lot of synergies to deliver even more value. Every day at work is a different one.”

Overall, the global nature of the work and the opportunity to meet new people are important for Massimiliano, “I really enjoy working with Wärtsilä, we have diverse cultures, great people to work with and diversified products, which makes every day an opportunity to learn a lot from colleagues.”

Even if not working as a ‘flying engineer’ any longer, Massimiliano still travels quite a lot in his work. However, the funniest coincidence still happened on a work trip when Massimiliano was still working in the field service. “Once on a business trip for engine commissioning on a chemical cargo, I met my father in Shanghai as a pure coincidence. My father was working on a cruise ship at the time. I was so stunned to suddenly meet him there and I will never forget the dinner we had!”

Holding the keys to success

Massimiliano sees collaboration often being the key to success. A good example of well-operated cooperation took place on-board an offshore semi-submergible rig where Massimiliano’s team was on a warranty gig to fix the fuel injection system of the engine. As the team luckily realised, they needed also an expert to fix part of the propulsion system. Unfortunately, no such Wärtsilä experts were close-by with that tight schedule and it was impossible for their engine team to conduct both tasks in due time.

Eventually, Massimiliano took the lead and using his networks, coordinated external technical support from the Netherlands – and the end result was great. The propulsion system was up and running in a couple of days and the engines were ready to start; the team pulled it through together. “I still remember the smile of the guys who came for our support and we're still in touch,” Massimilano tells about the tough situation. “This case reinforced my thinking that both the personal and the company’s development happen outside the comfort zone.”

Successful cooperation comes down to communication, an area where Massimiliano has seen Wärtsilä improving. “I have seen a change in the way we communicate. Nowadays, our working methods and efficiency are totally on a different level if compared to the past 20 years. Not only the technology has influenced the development but also the freedom of working, for instance, has increased our productivity," Massimiliano tells and continues with more concrete examples.

"A good example is how we today work in virtual teams, with people located in multiple locations around the globe. No matter where we are geographically located, even if thousands of miles from each other, in reality we feel we are close to each other, like in the same building. This is possible since the trust is there,” Massimiliano shares about the working atmosphere.

Still, Massimiliano sees also other important factors, besides technology and communications, which have influenced the company’s development. “In order to compete in the modern business world, you need to keep innovating, have a vision and most importantly have a hearth ready to strive that extra mile. I'm confident that we Wärtsilians have the whole package," Massimiliano concludes.


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