Marko Kuningas

Senior Instructor, Mechanical Instructor Team

Turku, Finland

10 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland



Making customers’ daily lives easier with smart solutions

Marko Kuningas, the Senior Instructor at Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy (WSLA) in Turku, Finland has worked with all portfolio 4-stroke engines and auxiliaries that are designed in Finland. “I’m conducting various internal and external technical trainings in Turku WLSA and at customer site. Being an honest and interactive listener and capable of understanding customers’ challenges enable me to find solutions that help our customers’ daily work. The best feedback is receiving gratitude and positive expressions after fulfilling customer needs. This motivates to grow my own competence for our products and services by being close to our customers”, Marko says.

Safety is important for Wärtsilä, and Marko has had a great contribution to the company also on that side. Once, he found a safety issue and was able to respond fast to the found problem, “I found a safety risk related to gas engine overhaul. Luckily previous testing experience and collaboration with R&D people helped me to create the solution easily.”

“I think that traditionally wärtsilians are doers and visionaries here and we should always remember this heritage. Innovation has always played a great role in our company. That is one of the greatest assets today and tomorrow for a technology company like Wärtsilä. Innovations must be market-focused in a sustainable way and linked to our present portfolio to expand our company and revenues. Energy and Marine markets are transforming and that will create a good opportunity to expand our market share. To become better business partners for our customers we need to develop our competences, products and services by bringing intelligence for our customers through smart technologies and online services. This will enable us to react in a fast and agile way to deliver the best possible value for our customers”, Marko says about future possibilities.  

And what is then needed for a company to reach out to these future opportunities? Marko has a clear answer: “People are every company’s biggest asset. I find it important to connect people to pursue a common goal to make Wärtsilä the best business partner for our customers. Genuine leadership is a key to unite people together to create a trustworthy environment where people are open, honest and innovative. These values enable people to trust, share and perform at their best for creating a company which will thrive even during challenging times,”Marko says.

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