Markku Mujunen

Graphic Designer, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Helsinki, Finland

2 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Supported by the colleagues

Markku Mujunen, a Graphic Designer, has worked with marketing at the Research and Development department at Eniram – a Wärtsilä company for two years now. Markku describes his work as very versatile and so far, he has been developing marketing campaign materials, brochures and videos, amongst other things. Lately, he has moved into designing Wärtsilä’s user interfaces. This move towards software development is something Markku sees as an interesting challenge.

His profession and passion come together in the way Markku likes to spend his free time: “I enjoy Chinese painting and calligraphy on my free time. I don’t spend any time with brushes at work, so painting is an enjoyable way to distance myself from the daily grind.”

One of Markku’s most memorable work-related memories is his first day at work. “I didn't have any clue what was happening, but everyone was very welcoming, and I was able to feel right at home almost instantly. People have supported me a lot during these two years, starting from Eniram’s Lauttasaari location in Helsinki, to joining under the same roof with other Wärtsilians in the new Wärtsilä Helsinki Campus.”

Still after two years, Markku feels the same way about his colleagues. “Here at Wärtsilä people are really nice and fun to work with. An enjoyable working environment helps a lot, since there is always something new to learn and do every day. Also, the coffee is good – it never runs out and there are multiple options to choose from! These things make my every work day fun.”

One particularly memorable challenge Markku has solved at work is related to the integration process of Eniram becoming a Wärtsilä company. “We were implementing a new visual style into an Eniram video project at the time of the acquisition – naturally, not knowing about the negotiations. Suddenly, the acquisition was announced, and I had to design new visual elements according to Wärtsilä’s brand guidelines. It was an exercise that suddenly changed direction just like that, but we succeeded in the end with a careful study of the existing materials,” he tells.

“The whole process of gradually starting to implement Wärtsilä visuals in my work has been an interesting and educational experience. It has been refreshing to look and learn from a visual system that I haven’t created myself and to see another way of doing things.”

Markku sees that in five years’ time, the company will most likely play a major role in digitalising the marine industry. “And I will probably be growing my skillset and I hope to contribute to the goal. So far, contributing to our visual identity has been my greatest input for the company and I’m most definitely up for contributing in new projects!”

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