Marius Lučinskas

Lead Engineer, Conventional Waste

Poole, UK

3 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Lithuania


The Silicon Valley experience

Marius Lučinskas is both an environment and a technology enthusiast. His current role at Wärtsilä has given him the perfect platform to have his two passions meet.

“I feel that we are very strong in digital and cultural aspects,” says Marius Lučinskas, Lead Engineer at Wärtsilä. “We serve a traditional and old-fashioned industry, but you could say that our direction and focus on technology is as strong as in Silicon Valley!”

Marius has two passions: the environment and technology. These two come together in his job where he leads a diverse and international team of engineers for a wide range of environmental solutions.

“My background is not in marine engineering,” he explains. “I never saw marine as an exciting industry for me. Vessels were just ‘floating pieces of metal on water’, but I was so wrong! Wärtsilä makes it such a dynamic and fresh industry – in so many aspects, the company feels like a technology start-up. It makes me proud that Wärtsilä’s purpose is to enable sustainable societies with smart technology.”

A recipe for success

The marine industry is constantly changing, and digitalisation, feels Marius, is helping Wärtsilä become more agile to meet existing and future customers’ needs.

“We are not just regarded as an equipment manufacturer anymore,” he explains. “We are becoming a recognised smart solution provider.”

Digitalisation has also enabled the development of Wärtsilä’s culture and organisation.

“We are a large organisation but Wärtsilä has made it easy to work with anyone across the globe,” continues Marius. “We are investing heavily in technology which enables easy collaboration with colleagues remotely. Enabling worldwide collaboration makes for a strong foundation for the Smart Marine vision.”

During his career at Wärtsilä, Marius also got to spend a year in Wärtsilä’s leadership programme.

“It was an unforgettable experience and challenged me from every possible angle,” he explains. “Overnight, my whole perspective on where I work changed.”

Marius says the programme provided him with the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge of the company’s organisation. Since then, he has been on a mission to share that information as a corporate ambassador.

“I believe I have made a positive impact by strengthening the relationships between local and global networks; I have deepened the understanding in local business units about the benefits of being part of the global organisation, as well as introduced local teams to useful global contacts,” Marius says. “You could say I’m making the company feel smaller!”

Viewpoint matters

Marius is based in Poole in southern England, which is famous for its sandy beaches.

“Since I’m just ten minutes from the beach, most of my evenings are spent playing beach volleyball and having BBQs (full of sand) on the beach,” he says. “I’m crazy for all water sports and finally got my scuba diving license last year. “

A big fan of the natural environment, Marius also breeds a large variety of biological organisms at home for his marine tank ecosystem.

“I’m an active environmental ambassador with a major focus on marine ecology. To understand complex ecosystems better, I started growing a coral reef at home,” he explains, talking about how this helps him study how to prevent the spread of invasive organisms in the world’s oceans.

Both in his free time and at work, Marius applies positive thinking. “As Yoko Ono said ‘When you go through a negative situation, don’t think about it. Make it positive,” Marius quips. He recounts one incident where they received incorrect installation information from a supplier, which meant that a new sensor they planned to use would not work.

“The issue resulted from an honest mistake at the supplier, but the way it was handled at our end reflects well the uniqueness of Wärtsilä: no stress, no culture of blame, just a complete focus on delivering the product to the customer – with a smile,” he says. “Wärtsilä’s working environment is famous for the ‘fail fast’ culture which wasn’t new to me, but this is the first place where that philosophy is embraced and encouraged.”

Marius sees an opportunity for Wärtsilä to use their current portfolio to create better value for its customers. While the company has a great offering range, competition is catching up. The key here, he feels, is Wärtsilä’s accelerated focus on its digital capabilities.

“Therefore, a natural direction to improve our competitive advantage would be to increase the customer value through digitalisation,” says Marius. “At this speed, we can easily become one of the technology leaders in the next five years. This is a perfect place to be for a technology geek like me.”


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