Maria Vega

Field Service Coordinator, Wärtsilä Services Unit Latin America North and Caribbean

Panama City, Panama

1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Panama


Becoming a Wärtsilian

Working hand-in-hand with Wärtsilä’s field service engineers, Maria Vega soon noticed the professionalism of these people; how well the engineers were able to meet the local market needs and how calmly they performed in any situation. Hence, Maria’s interest towards Wärtsilä increased even if she was still working as a Ship Manager at the local drydock, assigned to a Wärtsilä project.

“While collaborating with Wärtsilä’s field service fellows, I got to see the work culture in a world-class organisation, and I wanted to become part of it to continue my own professional growth. I also felt compelled to contribute with my knowledge and experience, and I felt I could do that in Wärtsilä’s Operations department,” Maria tells.

And since joining Wärtsilä in early 2019, Maria has been very happy with her decision; that is how welcomed she has felt in the Field Service family, “It has been great to realise that Wärtsilians are so willing to collaborate and focused on customer needs. The warmth of the work atmosphere is one of the things I enjoy the most; we often work with high levels of time pressure and quality focus, but there is nothing that a good conversation with my team can't solve”.

As the Operations Coordinator of Wärtsilä Panama, Maria coordinates and follows up the execution of services for both Wärtsilä Energy and Marine Business in the region. Besides Panama, she has under her responsibility some other countries in Central America, such as El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. As Maria coordinates multiple service work and teams simultaneously, her strengths in leadership and communication have turned out to be very useful in this job.

“I’ve experienced it’s very important to have direct communication with the people in the customer organisation in order to clarify any concerns they may have. At the same time, I need to be similarly open with our Wärtsilä teams to make them openly address me any potential questions or doubts during the execution of a service. We achieve customer trust only if we focus on giving 110% support to our own Wärtsilä team during the service execution,” Maria describes the openness in the team.

Maria has been working at Wärtsilä for less than a year now, meaning all the experiences are still new and exciting to her – and she expects the path to continue equally refreshing in the future. The team attends new situations daily, which is demanding them to perform at the highest level of quality all the time. Consequently, every day has a high potential to be a memorable one.

“It is always a bit of a challenge to make things happen in a certain time frame and with the highest quality. But that’s what we have the team for; working as a team we’re able to get good results,“ she says. One example of a new situation could be when the team gets to service an engine type they have never worked with before.

The way Maria speaks about her team makes it sound she truly is feeling like at home after only 10 months with Wärtsilä; she has gathered around her quite a network of colleagues who support her, working both in the office and in the field.

“My entire Field Services team – meaning us behind the scenes and the front-line engineers – are pillars for the development of our operations. The relationship and the trust we have on each other makes me enjoy my time at work and also ensure that we fulfill our daily activities and projects together as planned,” Maria says, looking forward to all the new adventures she gets to encounter next with her team.

And Maria is enthusiastic about adventures in her free time as well, as she enjoys taking road trips and explore the seas, in addition to spending time with her family and friends.

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